Discovery Spotlight

Jessica Siuta

Jessica Siuta '15 Bachelor's in Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Jessica Siuta has always been drawn to the idea of helping people, and so her plans were to enter a physician assistant studies program after graduating from ACPHS. Then she took a job as a clinical research coordinator at the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Northeastern New York, and it changed her mind. She loves the work.

Jessica now meets regularly with MS and Alzheimer’s patients to determine whether they qualify to participate in national clinical drug trials. She does follow-up visits with them to see how they’re doing and whether they’re experiencing side effects from the medications. She’s also helping increase enrollment in Alzheimer’s research.

She credits her ability to handle multiple activities, be detail-oriented, and manage her time effectively to her ACPHS education. “One semester I had six labs plus classroom work,” she recalls. “I have to do certain protocols on certain days with my patients and that schedule taught me how to plan.”

Her instructors at ACPHS “kept us accountable if we missed class or needed help.” She credits Dr. Lawrence Lansing with developing her attention to detail. “His lectures were very specific, and he made sure we knew every aspect of every disease.” Jessica still maintains relationships with some of her former professors and fellow students.

When she’s not working, Jessica volunteers at a local hospice where she can utilize her education to help others in need, which is all she’s ever really wanted to do.