Strategic Plan

ACPHS Francis J. O'Brien Building
2019-2024 Strategic Plan
The ACPHS Strategic Plan was the product of a year long process driven by input from students, faculty, and staff. Feedback was solicited across a series of platforms including town hall forums, online surveys, and campus-wide expos before being organized into the final plan.

The Strategic Plan secures the future of the College in two ways. First, it defines who we are. Our mission statement, core values, and vision principles provide an identity for us. That identity gives us a certain set of “guardrails” and provides guidance as to where we should focus our institutional energy.

Second, the Plan ensures we will provide our students with the best experience possible by promoting a student centered environment - physically, socially, and intellectually.

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We educate the next generation of leaders to improve the health of our society.


ACPHS strives to be a global leader in preparing students for transformative health careers to solve problems that change the world.


These are our core values and the characteristics embodied by each:

  • Student Centered - Mutual respect; positive and engaging interactions; efficient student services; quality mentoring and advising; access to faculty and staff; holistic co-curricular activities; support services for personal and academic growth; first-class living and learning environment; career placement services; life-long connections and relationships
  • Integrity - Honesty; trust; principles; accountability; responsibility; doing the right thing even when no one is looking; applies to on- and off-campus activities; we are all representatives of the college; always behaving in a way that reflects positively on yourself and the institution
  • Respect - Recognition; provide environment with open channels for feedback; professional courtesy; demonstrating an appropriate level of behavior; exhibiting care, concern, and consideration of others
  • Collaboration - Removing silos; institutional goals come first; openness; working harmoniously to strengthen and advance the college; incorporate a student focus; placing the institution first; trust; encouraging teamwork
  • Community - Sense of belonging and purpose; inclusivity; shared sense of purpose; alignment; acceptance; sense of pride; affinity; identity; family; close-knit; spirit; care; compassion; empathy