Strategic Plan

A Roadmap for 2024 and Beyond


See The Future. Make It Happen.

Engage. Learn. Lead. Serve.

Our MISSION remains the same.
We educate the next generation of leaders to improve the health of our society.

Our singular VISION encapsulates multiple principles from the past.
ACPHS strives to be a global leader in preparing students for transformative health careers to solve problems that change the world.

Our CORE VALUES build on long-established tenets.
Student-centered, integrity, respect, collaboration, community and excellence.

Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Strategic Plan Overview

Strategic Plan 2019-2024




Pillars and Goals

We have identified five pillars that reinforce our mission, vision and core values. They are the key priorities that will move our strategic plan forward. We have called it a roadmap because we recognize that with yearly reviews there will be the need to refocus and strategize to stay relevant based on our scans of the environment. Each pillar is broken up into specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based (SMART) goals that will serve as the focus of our actions in the following years.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Quality Student Experience
  • People and Culture
  • Engaging with Communities
  • Financial Strength & Stewardship
ACPHS student uses pipette in lab to conduct research
Pillar 1. Academic Excellence
The Future

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has maintained its standing as an educator par excellence. Our offerings now include a strong distance education footprint, including fully online programs. Instruction occurs in person and through new modalities, such as augmented reality and gaming. Our research laboratories are brimming with activity. Our academic reputation and enrollment are boosted by a self-sustaining research program with 20 extramurally funded faculty members, as well as the reputation of CBET, a critical part of the regional biopharma ecosystem we have helped cultivate.

Making it Happen

Goal 1.1: Launch new, innovative academic offerings

  • Build three online programs from current programs (MS Biomedical Sciences, MS Cytotechnology, MS Biomanufacturing & Bioprocessing)
  • Build/acquire MS programs in fields such as Data Science, Genetic Counseling, Health Law and Policy
  • Build/acquire BS programs in fields such as Health Sciences, Exercise Science/Sports Medicine, Health Psychology, Bioinformatics, Nursing
  • Build successful micro-credentialing, certificate, and/or associate degree programs in fields such as Life Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Biomanufacturing & Bioprocessing, Continuing Professional Development, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Pharmacy
  • Build dual enrollment and transfer agreements with other institutions (including colleges and high schools)
  • Recruit to specific programs in addition to College recruitment

Goal 1.2: Grow existing programs through data-informed solutions, improved efficiencies, and innovations

  • Achieve full accreditations for all accredited programs
  • Enhance curriculum of all programs by creating data driven changes and assessment plans
  • Modernize the general education curriculum
  • Optimize PharmD program prerequisites and curricular structure
  • Build clinical communication simulation lab for interdisciplinary learning opportunities
  • Maximize enrollment in existing programs (to capacity levels provided by associate dean and department chair)

Goal 1.3 Promote breakthrough research

  • Increase intramural funding for research
  • Increase extramural grant applications and funding
  • Increase research activities visibility on website, media and social media
  • Launch an upgraded research and lab equipment inventory system
  • Synergize MBB programming with ACPHS core academic offerings
Two students blow bubbles at ACPHS Springfest
Pillar 2. Quality Student Experiences
The Future

Inclusivity and belonging at ACPHS are ubiquitous on campus and throughout our virtual classes too. Students share their satisfaction in formal surveys and through word of mouth, in person and across social media. First-year retention rates remain above 90 percent and online graduation rates are well above national averages. Students report that the quality of instruction is excellent, opportunities for engagement and fun are unsurpassed, and the school is a valuable investment, where they would re-enroll if given the opportunity to make their choice again. Prospective students clamor to join them.

Making it Happen

Goal 2.1: Enhance student success inside the classroom

  • Develop and execute an official student onboarding process
  • Implement a first-year high interaction experience in each program
  • Amplify effective offerings that build well-rounded students
  • Establish a successful testing center
  • Nurture a culture of high performance and innovation in teaching, delivery and assessment with appropriately staffed programs

Goal 2.2: Amplify student success outside the classroom

  • Cultivate a culture of engagement across the community
  • Develop formalized support for at-risk students
  • Increase and diversify campus activity opportunities
  • Develop a long-term plan for student athletics to attract and retain students
  • Optimize student satisfaction based on data

Goal 2.3: Prioritize wellness and inclusive support

  • Enhance campus support for inclusive campus access
  • Implement recommendations of the International Student Advisory Council (ISAC)
  • Diversify food and culture options

Goal 2.4: Execute a revised Campus Master Plan

  • Align campus development with current Strategic Plan goals
  • Conduct a campus accessibility review
Two students have smiling faces on Welcome Back day
Pillar 3. People and Culture
The Future

The campus is thriving and engaging, a place where excellence, collaboration, service and leadership, especially, are nurtured. Leadership development and professional development experiences are robust and satisfying. Employees rate the school a top workplace, and high-performing faculty and staff compete for positions. High-impact initiatives draw the interest of influential donors. Active and engaged alumni boost opportunities for students.

Making it Happen

Goal 3.1: Focus on people: “culture is everyone’s job”

  • Expand internal community engagement opportunities
  • Adopt departmental policies, procedures, behaviors, and a culture reflective of our core values
  • Advance lifelong learning and leadership with career growth
  • Expand job mentorship linkages between alumni and students
  • Increase the well-being, professional development, and engagement opportunities for all employees

Goal 3.2: Create an Advancement Partner (e.g., dean, faculty, unit leader, etc.) Spotlight Initiative

  • Create a culture of “best (aligned) ideas win”
  • Identify “rising stars” within programs, centers and initiatives
  • Mobilize “stars” and their impact into constellations of stars for big ideas
  • Orient advancement partners to emerging trends and best practices in philanthropy

Goal 3.3: Achieve operational excellence at all levels of the organization

  • Implement a leadership development program for high potential individuals
  • Optimize talent acquisition and growth programs (internal and external)
  • Leverage external partnerships to build sustainable capacity
  • Implement state-of-the-art data processing, analytics and reporting tools
  • Optimize direct applications for student recruitment
  • Fully implement recommendations from the AACRAO report
Toyin Tofade cuts a ribbon at MVP event
Pillar 4. Engaging with Communities
The Future

The school’s strengthened ties with partners throughout the Capital Region, New York State, the nation and indeed the globe have raised awareness of ACPHS among all stakeholders, drawing in prospective students and donors. We are a critical part of a biopharmaceutical hub created in partnership with industry as well as our higher education partners and economic developers. Our partnerships, on every continent except Antarctica, allow students to participate in rotations, study abroad programs and career opportunities. Faculty increase their collaborations nationally and around the world due to these partnerships.

Making it Happen

Goal 4.1: Amplify the ACPHS brand

  • Showcase and broadcast ACPHS stories
  • Accentuate community relationships and deliver solutions for a healthier community through service and health promotion
  • Increase local, national and international partnerships
  • Implement marketing / advertising plan per Strategic Plan
  • Establish CBET in the community as a driver for economic growth in life sciences, biotech and biopharma

Goal 4.2: Create a virtual Center for Corporate and Public Engagement

  • Optimize outreach and outcomes for the College and its external partners
  • Develop a dynamic top/key partners list

Goal 4.3: Expand the experiential network

  • Build a local, national and international network of preceptors and collaborators
  • Leverage experiential network as a value-added recruitment tool
  • Increase alumni outreach and engagement
  • Develop community calendar for Collaboratory and student-operated pharmacies
  • Assess community impact of student-operated pharmacies
ACPHS Campus on a beautiful fall day
Pillar 5. Financial Strength & Stewardship
The Future

A mindset driven by growth and entrepreneurship has ensured the long-term sustainability of our institution. Enrollment of around 2,000 students and new donor gifts totaling over $10 million provide a solid financial foundation for the school’s ongoing future. As the premier biotech training program for the region and beyond, CBET generates revenues that sustain its programs and allow for investment. Long-term strategic partnerships with other institutions and programs provide income for all parties.

Making it Happen

Goal 5.1: Grow to become a strong university

  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset at all levels of the organization
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of current and future market trends
  • Acquire programs and talents that will transform the trajectory of the institution
  • Develop a robust marketing strategy for optimal growth

Goal 5.2: Leverage CBET as a key ACPHS differentiator

  • Establish CBET in the Capital Region as a biopharma hub
  • Offer high-impact and high-volume workforce development solutions
  • Establish robust pipelines for contract research opportunities
  • Increase partnerships and extramural funding for CBET

Goal 5.3: Create a “top prospect management ecosystem”

  • Hardwire a core stewardship and high-impact reporting process
  • Develop a transparent pipeline review process
  • Strengthen annual giving strategies
  • Create a principal gift planning team

Goal 5.4: Bridge the prosperity gap

  • Increase enrollment to around 2,000
  • Balance operating budget with a strong financial outlook
  • Endorse a culture of philanthropy and community engagement
  • Develop key alliances to deliver economies of scale
  • Provide effective technology solutions (CRM, e-Commerce)

Goal 5.5: Implement transformative changes beyond the core

  • Identify bold ideas to move the College continually forward
  • Create a committee of champions to review and prioritize opportunities for diversification, geographical expansion and development of outside-the-box initiatives and ideas
  • Implement technology solutions of the future (AI, virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming lounges