Financial Aid

Graduate Students

Your individual counselor is prepared to address your unique questions, concerns, and needs related to the financial aid process while you pursue your Master's degree at ACPHS

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers Master's degree (M.S.) students a number of different ways to help pay for their education.

In addition to the opportunities listed below, faculty who receive extramural funding to support their research may have funds available to support graduate students. Students pursuing their Master's degree should consult with their thesis advisor to determine if such funding is available. 

International students are eligible for all awards unless research funding specifically requires U.S. citizenship. U.S. citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office for information on loans and other possible aid opportunities.

Graduate Student Tuition Scholarships

Graduate Tuition Scholarships for full‐time graduate students entering a Master's degree program at ACPHS are available for highly qualified applicants. All prospective students applying to a graduate program at ACPHS are automatically considered for Graduate Tuition Scholarships by the Office of Admissions upon submission of their admission application. Eligibility for Graduate Tuition Scholarships are based upon applicants' undergraduate GPAs.

Graduate Research Assistantships

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) are available to full‐time graduate students who have completed at least one academic semester in a thesis‐bearing graduate program and who are in good academic standing.

Students receiving financial support for their research efforts from other sponsoring agencies or those receiving a Graduate Teaching Assistantship are not eligible for a GRA. Students may simultaneously receive a tuition scholarship and a GRA award.

Students receiving a GRA are required to work on their research projects as a condition of the assistantship for a minimum of 10 hours and not more than 20 hours per week during the academic semester in which the award is made. Graduate students receiving the GRA must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion to maintain the award and to maintain eligibility for continued funding in subsequent semesters.

Graduate assistantships are awarded for one academic semester at a time, and may be renewed for up to three total academic semesters.

Students, in consultation with their Thesis advisors, may submit applications to receive these awards. Applications submitted must include a cover letter from the student requesting the award. The student should briefly describe their thesis project and reasons for applying for the award. Students previously receiving awards must also submit a research progress report. The application must also include a current, completed and signed Program of Study, with an updated timeline for the thesis project with expected date of project completion, and a letter of support from the Thesis advisor.

Deadlines for submitting GRA applications will be announced typically 1-2 months prior to the academic semester in which the award is made. Application decisions are made in consultation with Program Directors. Students are paid on an hourly basis.

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