Master of Science

Biomedical Sciences (Post Bac)

The Masters in Biomedical Sciences program has been developed for students wanting to strengthen their academic credentials through graduate-level coursework to gain entrance into allopathic medical, osteopathic medical, dental, optometry, and other health professions programs.


The emphasis of the MS in Biomedical Sciences, an academic record enhancer Post Bac program, is to strengthen a student's academic credentials for entrance into Health Professions programs through graduate coursework.

The Post Bac program at ACPHS has been developed to prepare students interested in pursuing careers in medicine, dentistry, optometry, physician assistant, pharmacy, etc. to gain successful entry into Health Professions Programs.

The ACPHS Post Bac program includes a core set of science courses focused on a comprehensive and clinically relevant infectious disease pathway combined with Humanities courses that develop the intra- and interpersonal skills necessary to become a well-rounded Healthcare Professional.

The program offers career-interest flexibility with bioselectives in specific areas of focus and guidance from a Capstone Thesis Advisor from any ACPHS program. Additionally, this program includes a formal MCAT preparation program and has specifically designed workshops to help students prepare for Health Professions application.

The program provides students opportunities to add important real-world experience to their academic accomplishments by shadowing, volunteering, and working at three of Upstate New York's most prominent medical centers. 

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MS in Biomedical Sciences is a 37 credit, one-year degree that offers two start dates - January and August.

This interdisciplinary Post Bac program brings together basic, applied, and clinical scientists from departments across the College to provide students with a Biomedical Sciences education that gives students a strong foundation that is a springboard into top-tier Health Professions programs.

The Post Bac is a Capstone program that combines required and elective courses. This approach allows students to achieve success through completion of 29 science and 6 humanities credits. In addition to the course work, students in the Master's in Biomedical Sciences are required to attend Preparation in Health Professions workshops to develop their medical school application, interviewing skills, craft a personal statement and learn about the Admissions process for Health Professions schools. We offer a formal MCAT preparation course within our program, at no additional charge. This comprehensive course will help students learn exam material and how to best prepare and take a standardized entrance exam.
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Capstone Project
The Master's in Biomedical Sciences curriculum requires all students to complete a three-credit capstone paper and presentation. ACPHS has designed the Post Bac capstone to showcase a student's skills in integrating- scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and communication with content and context from multiple disciplinary areas. Students may complete their capstone project in any department at the College, having the flexibility to tailor their project and paper towards career goals and interests.
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On To Medical School
ACPHS Students that wish to accelerate their enrollment into medical school and skip the gap or glide year may apply through our “linkage” arrangements with select medical schools. Although we offer linkage programs, these agreements are not for everyone as they are with specific institutions and have different requirements. Students may choose to apply to linkage programs or apply through the traditional medical school application process. All students have the opportunity to meet with the Program Director and advisors to discuss what option would be best for them.

Although each linkage program has its’ own requirements for consideration*, in general to be considered for admission, students must:

-Maintain a very strong academic record, including a specified minimum GPA (if required)
-Complete all premedical requirements by the end of the spring semester (unless otherwise noted)
-Take the MCAT by a specified date in the spring and receive specified minimum score
-Be selected to interview by the medical school
-Be offered admission by the school’s admissions committee

Students may not apply to more than one school, and if admitted they will be expected to attend and not apply elsewhere.

*Eligibility requirements are set by the medical school and are subject to change.

ACPHS enjoys linkage arrangements with the following medical schools:
Post ACPHS Post Bac
Life After ACPHS
The ACPHS Post Bac program emphasizes graduates' acceptance rates into top-tier health professions schools that will allow them to pursue careers in allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, podiatry, optometry, and other medical professions.

Students benefit from the program director and faculty advisors engaging in formal and informal discussions with students about their career goals from the onset of the Biomedical Science program. This hands-on approach offered by program faculty ensures that graduates will have received unmatched academic preparation combined with real-world healthcare experience at nearby medical centers.

The fully integrated and comprehensive approach to a Post Bac education found at ACPHS equips graduates to pursue acceptance and enrollment in the country's best health professions schools.