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The Capital of Discovery


Our passion for advancing humanity through science and medicine is unwavering. It's an enthusiasm that extends through every club, class, lab, and local volunteer project. And it's what binds us - as peers, neighbors, and future colleagues. 

This community setting is enhanced by a broad range of activities to help balance life inside and outside of the classroom. Play sports, join one of more than two dozen clubs and organizations, or stop by our dining hall for a treat.

Step off the campus and head down to Lark Street, home to an eclectic mix of food and fashion. Walk a little further, and you can see a show at the Times Union Center or Palace Theater.  It's all waiting for you!

Center for Student Success at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Center for Student Success
The Center for Student Success at ACPHS provides a comprehensive set of programs and services designed to help students grow academically, personally, and professionally.

From your first day on campus until the day you graduate, we offer a variety of resources to help ensure your experience at ACPHS is the best it can be - both inside and outside the classroom.
Lark Street in Albany, NY
Around Albany
From shopping and entertainment to campsites and parks, the "Capital Region" of Albany offers all of the advantages of a major metropolitan area while maintaining the qualities of a small community.

Included in the region's population are more than 50,000 college students, who provide the area with additional energy and vibrancy.
Leadership programs at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Leadership Development
The Office of Student Engagement & Leadership (OSEL) serves as the College resource for student leadership training and development, as well as the hub for a multitude of leadership opportunities.

Based on the Albany Campus, OSEL provides programs and services ranging from a First Year Leadership Seminar to overseeing the Student Government Association to organizing the Albany Campus’ annual Community Service Day.

Students with all levels of leadership experience are encouraged to participate in these events.
Safety at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Health and Safety
As an institution committed to the advancement of health care, the College places a priority on the health and safety of our students.

ACPHS offers a variety of programs and services to help ensure each student’s physical and mental well being.

In the event of an emergency, public safety can be reached at 518-244-3177, or you may dial local safety and support services as appropriate.
Additional Information
Please find below links to additional resources that will be useful to you during your time here as a student. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Division of Student Affairs. We're here to help!