David W. Clarke, PhD
Basic and Clinical Sciences

Academic Programs: B.S. Biomedical Technology, B.S. Clinical Laboratory SciencesB.S. MicrobiologyM.S. Clinical Laboratory SciencesM.S. Cytotechnology and Molecular CytologyM.S. Molecular Biosciences
Chair: David Clarke, Ph.D.
Phone: (518) 694-7252

This department is composed of faculty from scientific backgrounds that include the physical, biological, and mathematical sciences. Research emphasis includes various projects related to infectious diseases (tularemia, HIV, and influenza) and medicinal chemistry (identifying novel drug targets and new therapeutic agents).

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Richard Dearborn, Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Academic Programs: B.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences, M.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Doctor of Pharmacy
Chair: Richard Dearborn, Ph.D.
Phone: (518) 694-7387

Centralized in the College's Biosciences Research Building (BRB), departmental faculty boast expertise in the areas of drug delivery, drug discovery, bioanalytical technologies, cell signaling, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and neuroscience.

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Darren Grabe, PharmD
Pharmacy Practice

Academic Programs: Doctor of Pharmacy
Chair: Darren Grabe, Pharm.D.
Phone: (518) 694-7310

The department is made up of highly trained, specialized faculty with members located on each of the College's two campuses. Faculty expertise is wide ranging with particular strength in the areas of infectious diseases, nephrology, and endocrinology.

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Allison M. Burton-Chase, PH.D.
Population Health Sciences

Academic Programs: B.S. Public Health
Chair: Allison M. Burton-Chase, PH.D.
Phone: (518) 694-7362

Featuring expertise in areas such as epidemiology, health disparities, and patient-provider communication, the department's core faculty are supplemented by faculty with joint appointments from Pharmacy Practice; Humanities and Communication; and Basic and Clinical Sciences. 

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