ACPHS Online MS in Biomedical Sciences


Lead Patient-Centered Care. Earn Your MS in Biomedical Sciences Online.

With the online Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, you can build the knowledge, skills and experiences to excel in your chosen health professional field. As a student, you will complete a three-credit capstone research project, refine your professional school applications and enhance your readiness for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) exam with our specialized prep course.

  • Complete in one year, full time.
  • Get MCAT ready with personalized support and guidance.
  • Work with a capstone advisor from across any of the ACPHS programs.
  • Strengthen your GPA and overall academic credentials.

Why Choose the Online Master’s in Biomedical Sciences Program?

The online master’s in biomedical sciences prepares highly motivated and academically driven individuals with a passion for medicine, dentistry, optometry or other health disciplines. Through personalized guidance and support, you’ll develop the necessary skills and knowledge you need to excel in your chosen field, apply to a professional healthcare program and make meaningful contributions to patient-focused healthcare.

As an online student, you will: 

  • Enhance your understanding of key concepts in biomedical sciences, including biochemistry, pharmacology and genetics.
  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills through advanced coursework and research projects.
  • Prepare for professional school applications with personalized guidance and support from experienced faculty.
  • Boost your readiness for the MCAT exam with tailored prep course instruction.

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Admissions Requirements for the Online Master’s in Biomedical Sciences Degree

To be eligible for admission into the ACPHS online master's degree in biomedical sciences, you will need an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution, with a preferred minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Before you start the online program, you are required to complete a set of prerequisite courses.

Required prerequisite courses include:

  • General Biology I & II (lecture + lab) / 8 credits
  • General Chemistry I & II (lecture + lab) / 8 credits
  • Organic Chemistry I & II (lecture + lab) / 8 credits
  • Biochemistry (lecture) / 3 credits
  • Statistics / 3 credits

Required prerequisite Pre-Med courses include:

  • Physics (lecture + lab) / 8 credits
  • Behavioral Science / 3 credits
  • Recommended: Calculus I / 3 credits
  • Recommended: English/Literature / 3 credits

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Curriculum for the Online Master’s in Biomedical Sciences Degree

The online Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences is a one-year degree program that includes both science and non-science courses, focusing on upper-level and non-clinical science courses. You'll also have the flexibility to customize the program to your professional and academic interests and goals. Choose from a variety of bioselective coursework, including options such as public health microbiology, viral pathogenesis and clinical biochemistry.

The 37-credit curriculum features coursework designed to enhance your academic credentials and strengthen your qualifications for admission either to medical school, a health professional school or another advanced degree program. The following courses are mandatory: 

Fall Semester Courses

  • BIO 625 G—Advanced Molecular Biology
  • MAT 610 G—Statistical Inference and Modeling
  • PSC 315—Immunology
  • BIO 660 G—Journal Club
  • HIS 330—History of Public Health and Disease
  • BIO 315—Public Health Microbiology
  • XX 123—Prep for Health Professions I

Spring Semester Courses

  • BIO 630 G—Advanced Cell Biology
  • BIO 210—Microbiology
  • HOI 645 G—Epidemiology
  • BIO 660 G—Journal Club
  • PSC 625G—Clinical Biochemistry
  • ETH 610 G—Healthcare and Human Values
  • XX 234—Prep for Health Professions II

Summer Semester Courses

  • BHS 790 G—Capstone Experience

For your capstone project in the online master’s in biomedical sciences degree program, you will produce a peer-reviewed, written document ranging from 25 to 40 pages. This document can either be a comprehensive literature review on a scientific topic relevant to your field of study, or it can stem from a no-credit experiential learning experience, such as a co-op, internship or lab research.

Career Paths With a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences Online

The ACPHS online master’s in biomedical sciences degree program provides the foundation for a variety of healthcare professions. Many of our students also go on to advanced study and careers, including:

  • Physician (Allopathic and Osteopathic)
  • Dentist
  • Physician assistant
  • Veterinarian
  • Pharmacist

When you complete your MS in Biomedical Sciences, you may apply to select medical schools in New York State through our linkage arrangements. Alternatively, you may apply through the traditional health professions school application process. All students can meet with the program director and advisors to discuss which option would be best for them.

Lead culturally competent, evidence-based care in your community. Start your journey — learn more about the ACPHS online master’s in biomedical sciences degree program.

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