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Student Classifications

Please see the definitions of different student groups below to determine the correct application path.

  • Freshmen student - Bachelor's or Pre-Pharmacy applicant with no college experience.
  • Transfer student - First or second year pre-pharmacy applicant with college experience or a first, second or third year bachelor's program applicant with college experience
  • Doctor of Pharmacy -  Applicant with college experience seeking entry to the 4-Year professional program
  • Graduate student - Master's program applicant
  • International student - Applicant from outside the U.S.

Admissions Staff

Meet your Admissions Staff member who is here to help guide you through the entire process.

Sarah Ohnsman
Sarah Ohnsman

Territories: Undergraduate students from the Central Hudson Valley Region of NY, as well as students from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, the West/Pacific and Mountain Standard Time States.

Contact Sarah
Office: (518) 694-7285 | Cell: (518) 703-3139 |

Originally from the Saratoga area, I’ve had the pleasure of attending college and working in higher education in the Capital District. Whether a student is looking for an internship, job opportunities, or leisurely activities, the Albany area has it all. I’m very excited to introduce new students to the area and help guide them through the college application process.

ACPHS has a lot to offer and I’m a firm believer in strength of our academic outcomes. Outside of my passion for higher education, you can usually find me at farmers markets, catching a live show, or grabbing a bite to eat at the best eateries the region has to offer!

Matt O'Keefe
Matt O'Keefe

Territories: Undergraduate students from the Mohawk Valley, Adirondacks, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  Matt also works with international students and students studying overseas or in US Territories or APOs. 

Contact Matt
Office: (518) 694-7737 | Cell: (518) 545-7275 |

Born and raised in neighboring Delmar, NY, I know first hand the impact Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences alumni have had on the Capital District community. With state-of-the-art learning facilities, ACPHS graduates are fully prepared to enter the workforce or continue their education. I look forward to working with our incoming students to help them navigate the application process and maximize their experience at ACPHS and beyond.

Julia Rinaolo
Julia Rinaolo

Territories: Undergraduate students New Jersey, Staten Island, the Catskills, and from the lower Hudson River Valley area of New York, including Westchester and Rockland Counties and the Bronx.

Contact Julia
Office: (518) 694-7148 | Cell: (518) 708-3595 |



Albany is the perfect city to go to college and pursue a career in the health field. Our campus is located in the medical heart of Albany, ideal for students to find placements, internships and jobs upon graduation. Being in the admissions office at ACPHS is an extremely rewarding career, and I look forward to helping our students through the application process.

Outside of work I love to sew, travel, and spoil my dog, Maisy.

Kevin Rivenburg
Kevin Rivenburg

Territories: Director of Admissions (all students).

Contact Kevin
Office: (518) 694-7183 | Cell: (518) 603-3318 |

I have had the pleasure of being at the College since 2008, which means I have been able to watch hundreds of students navigate the college admissions process, enroll at ACPHS, and thrive in our programs. I am now the proud former admissions counselor of medical students/residents, Ph.D. candidates, and pharmacists working in a variety of fields. I am very knowledgeable about our Bachelor of Science programs, and I am eager to serve as a resource for students who are interested in studying on a pre-med track. When I’m working and not working, I particularly enjoy travel, as well reading travel guides and memoirs.

Emma Torrey
Emma Torrey

Territories: Undergraduate students from Central and Western NY, including greater Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, Buffalo, as well as Pennsylvania and states in the Midwest/Great Lakes Regions and Central Standard Time States.

Contact Emma
Office: (518) 694-7159 | Cell: (518) 603-3380 |

I grew up in the Catskills and spent lots of time visiting the Capital Region throughout my childhood. Albany is a wonderful area to pursue a college degree as it has so many things to offer in personal, academic, and professional settings. In my free time I enjoy hiking, baking, and spending time with my family and friends. I look forward to working with you throughout the application process!

Kelly Whitelaw
Kelly Whitelaw

Territories: Undergraduate students from New York’s Capital Region, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Contact Kelly
Office: (518) 694-7157 | Cell: (518) 708-3336 |

I was born and raised in Latham, NY, and am very familiar with all that the Capital District has to offer. Albany is a great area to learn, develop professionally, and have fun! In my free time I enjoy reading and spending time outdoors. I'm an avid sports fan as well. Choosing the right college is such a critical decision. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with prospective students and their families as they navigate through this exciting and important process!

Katie Palmer
Katie Palmer

Territories: Doctor of Pharmacy, first professional year prospective students

Contact Katie
Office: (518) 694-7868 | Cell: (518)-708-3807 |

Within my family there are multiple generations of ACPHS graduates who have all launched very successful careers, which they credit to their experiences at ACPHS. I look forward to getting to know the future generation of ACPHS graduates as they begin their college search process, and I’m eager to share with them everything the college has to offer.

Justin Hadley
Justin Hadley

Graduate Student Admissions

Contact Justin
Office: (518) 694-7130 |

I am from Western New York, but have lived in Albany since attending college in the Capital Region. As the Coordinator of Graduate Programs, I have the opportunity to work with students from the time they express interest in ACPHS until they complete their M.S. program. The Graduate Studies office is a frequent stop for students currently enrolled at ACPHS – as a result, we can readily assist them as they progress towards their degree.