Discovery Spotlight

 Jonathan Lloyd, ACPHS Class of 2017

Jonathan Lloyd '17 Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences (VT Campus)

Jonathan Lloyd wants to find a cure for cancer. Working with Associate Professor Karen Glass on the ACPHS-Vermont Campus, he is helping define the structure of a protein similar to one that has been shown to play a role in prostate and breast cancer. If the research is successful, a drug could be made that targets this protein.

Jonathan, a master's student in Pharmaceutical sciences and a self-described science nerd who likes “putting on gloves and goggles and working with beakers in a lab,” chose ACPHS because he “wanted to do research with a professor whose work he found exciting." After an email exchange and phone conversation with Dr. Glass, they considered each other a good fit. “I feel like I’m helping push the field of cancer research forward by working with Dr. Glass,” he says.

A Ph.D. might be the next step along his career path but, with or without it, he is committed to a career in science and wants to do cancer research at the Centers for Disease Control or the National Institutes of Health where he will be able to fulfill his life goal of helping people.