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Lindsey Wallace

Lindsey Wallace '14 ACPHS-AMC PA Program

Lindsey Wallace credits her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Sciences (which has since evolved into the B.S. in Public Health) from ACPHS as the perfect stepping stone to the Physician Assistant (PA) Program at Albany Medical College.

After graduating from PA school, Wallace plans to pursue a career in either critical care or cardiothoracic surgery. Her excitement about these disciplines is palpable as she considers both fields to represent the “ceiling of the PA profession.”

She is steadfast in her belief that the ACPHS curriculum is ideal for preparing students interested in pursuing health care careers. With courses that place a focus on human health and patient interactions mixed with ample opportunities to volunteer in the community, Wallace knows she made the right decision to attend ACPHS.

During her time as an ACPHS student, she developed a keen appreciation for putting herself in the shoes of patients. What do they want to hear as a patient? What are they thinking and what are their emotions? “If you can do that, you can really make a difference,” said Wallace.

By serving as a teaching assistant, tutor, researcher and volunteer at different community health care events, her time at ACPHS taught her to go above and beyond. This is why she plans to share the knowledge she has gained from her undergraduate experience and pay it forward by teaching other providers about patient communication.

“Attending ACPHS has been the highlight of my life and it probably will be for a very long time,” she said.