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It's the microbiologist's job to find out how microbes can cause infectious diseases and what can be done to minimize their threat to human health


Biology is a popular college major. But Biology majors often struggle after graduation because they lack the specialized knowledge that pharmaceutical and biomedical employers covet.

That is not the case with the Microbiology degree and program at ACPHS. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is one of the top Microbiology colleges. Through its research emphasis and specialized tracks of study, you will observe micro-organisms, study their behaviors, track their spread, and learn what can be done to minimize the risks they pose to humans.

Those interested in gaining additional research experience should consider our five-year, dual degree program leading to a B.S. in Microbiology and an M.S. in Molecular Biosciences.

Whichever path you choose,  you will graduate with a differentiated degree that prepares you to immediately seek employment or continue your education in a graduate or professional school.

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
All Microbiology students complete the core curriculum and one of the three specialized tracks: (1) Biomedical Microbiology, (2) Public Health Microbiology/Infectious Disease Epidemiology, and (3) Industrial Microbiology/Pharmaceutical Microbiology.

An added benefit of studying Microbiology at ACPHS is that all of our academic programs are centered around human health. This means there is a wide range of elective courses available to you on campus should you want to take a class(es) in related disciplines.

The core curriculum consists of 39 credits of Basic Sciences, 33 credits of Microbiology, 14 credits of Humanities and Communication, and 21 electives (for a total of 107 credits). Each track contains 9-11 credits of required courses and 5-6 credits from a list of approved track electives.

Students interested in additional research experience are encouraged to pursue our five-year dual degree program leading to a B.S. in Microbiology and an M.S. in Molecular Biosciences.
Research Opportunities at ACPHS
Gain Valuable Research Experience
Research is an essential component of the Microbiology program. Starting in the spring of your first year, you will begin learning basic research techniques. Year two builds upon this foundation and gives you additional experience with the day-to-day activities of a research lab. Your research skills will be further strengthened in Year three when you take six credits of biomedical lab techniques.

In your final year, you will perform a research project under the mentorship of a faculty member. This “capstone” project represents the culmination of all that you have learned during your four years as a student.

The early and sustained exposure to research means it is possible for you to possess a portfolio of research experience upon graduation that is comparable to students in other colleges' graduate programs. That experience can provide a powerful advantage when seeking your first job or applying to graduate school.
Microbiology Internships at ACPHS
Cutting Edge Internships
ACPHS Microbiology students are able to take advantage of established internship programs between the College and pharmaceutical companies Regeneron and Eli Lilly to gain critical, real-world experience.

Students accepted into this program will typically complete a summer internship lasting up to 12 weeks at either the Regeneron manufacturing facility in Rensselaer, NY (just 15 minutes from the ACPHS campus) or the Eli Lilly headquarters in Indianapolis, IN.

Students in the Molecular Biosciences master's program are also eligible for co-ops at Regeneron in which they earn academic credit by working full-time at the company for an entire semester.

The internship and co-op experiences are unique to Microbiology and Molecular Biosciences students and can prove invaluable in positioning you for future success.
students conducting research
Life After ACPHS
If you decide to continue your education, you will be well prepared for Master’s or Ph.D. programs in Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology. ACPHS's own master's degree in Molecular Biosciences is also be an excellent fit, and in fact, three recent Microbiology graduates have gone on to pursue this program.

The Microbiology program provides the coursework and research experience that will also position you well for Medical School, Veterinary School, and Dental School. Previous graduates of the program have successfully enrolled in Medical School.

Should your plans be to seek employment immediately following graduation, a look at what some of our recent graduates are doing offers a good guide to the types of opportunities available to you and the range of settings where you could work:

- Quality Control Microbiology Analyst - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
- Assistant Research Scientist - New York State Department of Health
- Research Technician - Albany Medical College