Discovery Spotlight

Madi Worden, M.S. ACPHS Class of 2017

Madeline Worden '17, Master's in Molecular Biosciences

“Becoming a dentist has always been my dream,” says Madeline (Madi) Worden ’17, who will take the next step towards fulfilling that dream in fall 2018 when she begins her studies at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. In many ways, Madi’s path to dental school was paved by her education at ACPHS where she earned her master’s degree in Molecular Biosciences.

Madi first became interested in the field of dentistry as an undergraduate student when she worked with dentists and hygienists during an overseas medical mission. The experience inspired her to make plans to attend dental school, but a meeting with ACPHS Dean of Graduate Studies Martha Hass changed the course of Madi’s education.

Madi viewed the Molecular Biosciences program as not only an opportunity to pursue an area of interest, but also a chance to strengthen her standing as a prospective dental school applicant. She credits the scientifically-focused courses at ACPHS for providing her with lifelong knowledge and skills, including seeing her name published in respected scientific journals. She says, “I consider myself a scientist now.”

ACPHS also taught her how to manage the demands of a rigorous academic program with a strong research focus, skills that she will undoubtedly rely upon as she balances the clinical and didactic requirements of the dental program.

As she gets ready to “finally get her hands dirty” in the dental profession, Madi is grateful for the people and experiences at ACPHS that helped make her dream a reality.