Podcast Series

Occupation Station

Career insights from pharmaceutical and health sciences experts for tomorrow's professionals

Welcome to Occupation Station, a collaboration with the Office of Institutional Advancement and Center for Student Success. This podcast project is a collection of interviews with prominent alumni and friends of the College who hold careers across the pharmacy and health sciences industry. With the ACPHS student in mind, our experts detail pivotal points in their careers and discuss what led them to where they are today.

Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy this interesting and colorful group of stories.

Director of Business Development
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Executive Director of Medical Information
Medical Information
Director, Virology
Research & Development
Director Clinical Pharmacology Modeling & Simulation
Research & Development
Senior Medical Director, Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Franchise
Research & Development
Associate Director, Medical Information, Scientific Communications
Medical Information
Founder and President, Clinical Support Services, Inc.
Health Informatics
Former EVP of Technical Operations, Juno, and Genetech
Research & Development
Retired CEO at Advanced Infusion Solutions
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Scientist at Women's College Hospital, Assistant Professor at University of Toronto
Regulatory Affairs
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Rochester Medical Center
Medical Practice