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Dan Bosley '93

Dan Bosley '93 RPH

Dan Bosley ’93 is the proud owner of two pharmacies: Keeseville Pharmacy in Keeseville, NY, which employs seven to nine people and Cornerstone Drug and Gift in Rouses Point, NY, the bigger of the two pharmacies.

The job is not without its share of stress, but Dan has a secret weapon - his group of employees. “I have some long-term, amazing employees and I couldn’t do it without them. I consider myself very lucky.” And if all else fails, he can always retreat to his quiet lakefront home in Cumberland Head, located in Plattsburgh, NY.

As a student at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Dan played soccer and did a work study with the College’s Physical Plant, two decisions he credits for making him a better student. “I was much more focused as a result of my involvement in these activities,” he says.

When asked what it takes to be successful as an independent pharmacist and business owner, he quickly cites the importance of networking. “I am in a much better place because of networking,” he explains. “My advice is to sit with people, call them, attend conferences and meetings. Ask questions."

Get involved.”Owning two pharmacies isn’t easy, and Dan admits to making mistakes along the way, but he believes these missteps have helped fuel the success he’s now enjoying. “I am where I am today because I made mistakes. Failure is ugly. It’s terrible. But it’s also the best teacher.”