Student Life

Campus Safety

University Heights Association Public Safety (UHA Public Safety) provides public safety services on the ACPHS campus as well as the neighboring campuses of Albany Law School and the Sage College of Albany. This service is seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The UHA Office of Public Safety is located at the Sage College of Albany Armory,  located at 130 New Scotland Avenue, Rooms 111-116.  The entrance to the Public Safety Offices are on the east side of the Armory (the side closest to the O’Brien Building).  

In the event of an emergency, public safety can be reached at 518-244-3177, or you may dial local safety and support services as appropriate.

UHA Public Safety consists of uniformed patrol officers and supervisors who work to ensure a safe community, but who do not have law enforcement powers. These officers use foot patrol, bicycle, and vehicular patrol.

Upon appointment, officers are required to be licensed as security guards through the New York State Department of State. Officers are required to complete the New York State Security Guard Training Program. UHA officers also receive annual CPR-AED training and undertake special topics training related to campus safety.

College-operated and managed residence halls are staffed by Resident Life professionals and student assistants. The perimeter doors in all residence halls are locked 24 hours a day and access may be gained through use of access cards that are distributed to resident students. All students also receive a room key for their individual rooms and suites (if applicable). Security for residence halls and their designated parking areas is provided by UHA Public Safety.

UHA Public Safety can be reached by picking activating a Blue Light anywhere on the ACPHS campus or one of the neighboring campuses. The Blue Light system rings directly to the UHA dispatch office. Monitoring of safety and fire alarms is provided through Sonitrol Security.

Any criminal or suspected activity on the ACPHS campus should be reported to UHA Public Safety or the City of Albany Police Department. The College will assist local law enforcement agencies in the investigation of any criminal activity on campus.