Center for Student Success


Upon your arrival at ACPHS, you will be assigned a faculty advisor, who will help guide you through your academic career. 

Your faculty advisor will provide direction on matters such as course selection, research, and leadership opportunities. 

Students in years one through five are required to meet with their faculty advisors at least once each semester. 

In addition, all students are assigned to a professional academic advisor who can connect them with campus resources and assist students in learning the necessary skills for their academic success. 

Please direct any advising questions to:

  • Jarrett Lykins, Academic Class Advisor (1st year), Coordinator of Tutoring Services
  • Kim Keyes, Academic Class Advisor (2nd year), Resource and Training Coordinator
  • Alyssa Abitabile, Academic Class Advisor (3rd/P1 year), Coordinator of Peer Mentor Programs
  • Luke Schmonsky, Academic Class Advisor (4th year/P2/ P4/Grad 2), Director of Center for Student Success
  • Linda Roberts, Academic Class Advisor (P3/Grad1 )

The Advising offices are located on the third floor of the Library Building.