Student Life

Student Health Insurance

Students insured through the College's MVP insurance will be charged a co-pay to be seen by a doctor, with any other services rendered being billed at their specific costs to MVP. Students insured through other providers will either be billed their specific co-pay or have their insurance provider billed for an office visit, consistent with the benefit plan provided.

Health Insurance Requirement

ACPHS requires all full-time students to have health coverage, either through a family health insurance plan, a private insurer, or the quality plan offered by the College. The College plan is based on the Affordable Care Act requirements which mandate that students be covered with an unlimited benefit maximum per year. 

The College's plan is with MVP Health Plan. Please see the sidebar of this page for additional information. The Plan includes full coverage insurance as with typical HMO/PPOs, and provides major medical insurance as defined by the New York State Insurance Department.

All students are charged for the College insurance plan

If you wish to waive the College’s plan, you must provide insurance information by August 1st to have the charge for the school plan removed from their tuition bill.

You must go online to provide the name and address of their health insurance provider, subscriber’s name, and their policy number and/or group number. Once the waiver is submitted online the charge for coverage will be removed from your bill and no further action is required.

Registration/Waiver Procedures

Beginning each year on June 1, you may access the registration/waiver form online in the "My Documents" section of the Campus Cafe portal, using their ACPHS Username and Password to login. The deadline for registration/waiver is August 1. It is only necessary to complete this process once each academic year.

Annual Cost and Terms of Coverage

The annual cost of the ACPHS plan is posted to your account and is payable with the tuition bill. Upon completion of the online registration/waiver form, the Office of Student Accounts will be notified. If you choose to waive out of the ACPHS plan will have the charge removed from your accounts. The plan provides coverage from August 21 through August 20 of the next calendar year.

Online Plan Description Access

The College Plan provides for the payment of charges incurred for covered benefits with an unlimited maximum benefit per policy year. 

Covered benefits include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Inpatient/outpatient coverage 
  • Physician's visits 
  • Urgent care/emergency room 
  • X-rays/lab services 
  • Wellness/physical exams 
  • Prescriptions 

A summary of benefits is available in the health insurance enrollment book and benefits summary. Information on MVP can be obtained from the MVP website.

Loss of CoveragE

Throughout the course of the academic year, you may lose your insurance coverage. Some examples of how this could happen include, but are not limited to, a change in a parent’s employment/coverage, the student “ages off” of a parent policy or the student becomes a part-time student. Should one of these exceptions occur, you can purchase the College plan during the course of the year at a pro-rated cost. It is your responsibility to notify the College of any changes in coverage and to maintain health coverage while enrolled at the College.


In the event that you leave school to enter active military service, coverage will cease, and a pro rata refund of the premium will be made upon request. No other refunds will be made, including failure to complete the registration/waiver form by the August 1 deadline.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the College's insurance coordinator with questions or concerns.