Center for Student Success

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a decentralized hub composed of a tight network of Peer Writing Consultants, a Professional Writing Consultant, and a Writing Director who all support written and oral communication development and implementation across disciplines.  All members of the Writing Center strive to create nonjudgmental spaces wherein students feel comfortable seeking and receiving feedback on their writing and communication skills. The Writing Center offers free tutoring on any academic or professional writing or presentation, writing workshops, and faculty writing pedagogy development to support and promote writing as an essential and desired workplace skill.

Writing Consultants work with students one-on-one, in small groups, and in workshops to assist students to become confident, independent, impactful, and self-reflective writers and speakers.  Peer Writing Consultants have been successful in their communication courses and are trained by the Writing Director to work effectively: online and in-person; with students of all different backgrounds and abilities; with English Language Learners; and with students in specialized courses. The Professional Writing Consultant, located in Library 306c, specializes in working with English Language Learners and graduate students. The Writing Director, Dr. Anna Eyre is available to discuss questions or concerns about writing tutoring or writing pedagogy and design.  Writing Consultants are available during drop-in hours online in a Zoom room or in-person in the Student Success Center or other suitable public locations on campus.  Their schedule is available on Canvas in the Center for Student Success under Tutoring.  Additionally, appointments outside of drop-in hours can be made on UpSwing.

Writing is a social act that builds relationships. The Writing Center’s Vision is to create a campus-wide community of writers who learn from one-another in the practice and advancement of writing craft.

The Writing Center provides the following services:

  • Drop-in one-to-one tutoring in person and online for students at any stage of a writing or oral communication project
  • An experienced professional consultant to assist English Language Learners and graduate students
  • An ongoing workshop series that provides support for students with writing and communication tasks for specific classes in a small group atmosphere
  • Weekend and evening tutoring by appointment


Where do I find a writing consultant?

Writing Consultants work in-person during drop-in hours in the Center for Student Success (on the 3rd floor of the library, 305 and 305c) or at the Writing Lab in HAB Common Room or the Inspiration Lab in HAB 105 or other public places on campus like the Panther’s Den (check the schedule for location). They are also available online by appointment via UpSwing. The Writing Center Director,  is located in HAB 105.

What are drop-in sessions?

Drop-in without an appointment during drop-in hours in the Center for Student Success (on the 3rd floor of the library, 305 and 305c). Sessions are usually about a half hour and students can work with a writing consultant on any professional or academic writing or presentation project. Writing consultants can work with any undergraduate or graduate student at any stage of the process.

What is the Writing Lab?

The Writing Lab is located in HAB Common Room and is a place where students can come and write for as long as they like. There is a Peer Writing Consultant available for help when needed. It's akin to an informal sports practice where athletes can ask for assistance from a coach when they need it.

What is the Inspiration Lab?

The Inspiration Lab is a place where any student can come to write creatively and share creative writing. It is held in HAB 105 on Fridays from 9:30-11:30am. Students can come in at any point and leave at any point.

Do I need an appointment?

No, you can drop-in on the 3rd floor of the library and visit a tutor in rooms 305 or 305c in the Center for Student Success during drop-in hours or you can drop-in at the Writing Lab in OB 115 when it's open.

Can I make an appointment?

Yes, appointments for online or in-person sessions can be made 24 hours in advance on UpSwing.

How do I use UpSwing?

Check out the UpSwing Basics Course on the Center for Student Success Canvas site.

Can I meet with a writing consultant online?

Yes, you can meet with a tutor online during drop-in hours or during weekend availability by making an appointment on UpSwing

Here are the Online Writing Tutoring Guidelines.

Should I only visit the Writing Center or Writing Lab if I have a draft?

Whether you have a revised draft, or haven't yet begun to write, you can work with a writing tutor. Please attend at any point in your process!

I am an English Language Learner, can the Writing Center help me?

Yes! We can help with writing and speaking in English.  The professional writing consultant, Treven Santicola specializes in working with ELL students. We also offer a one-credit ELL course, Communications 105. Email: or

Are there other English Language Learner Resources?

Yes! Please look at the English Language Learner Resources page on the CSS Canvas Site.

Can the Writing Center help with oral presentations?

Yes! We have a large screen in a private study room, so you can practice delivering your presentation in a comfortable, supportive environment.

What can I work on?

Any professional, academic, or creative writing or presentation.

What can I expect during a drop-in session?

At the beginning of a session, Writing Consultants will ask open-ended questions and listen to your answers to assist you in creating an agenda for the session. Writing Consultants first address how "global" concerns (purpose, reasoning, structure) impede or advance meaning before addressing how "local" concerns (sentence structure, mechanics, word choice) impede or advance meaning. Writing consultants are non-judgemental and work to help you become a more confident, skilled, and independent writer!

What can I expect at the Writing Lab?

Bring your laptop or work on in OB 115. Sign in and a Peer Writing Consultant will welcome you and let you know that they are available to help at any point. You can drop-in and leave at any point.

What can I expect at the Inspiration Lab?

Meet other students who like to write creatively and create a community! We will begin sessions with writing prompts and there will be opportunities to write and to share writing. Students can drop-in and leave at any point.