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Greg Dewey, PhD
President, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

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During his years at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Dr. Greg Dewey accomplished many great things. In this episode of Occupation Station Dr. Dewey reflects on the Collaboratory, CBET, and the creation of two student-run pharmacies.

The Collaboratory, a “laboratory for collaboration,” offers services which are delivered to residents in Albany by ACPHS’s Public Health Pharmacy Team (PHPT) and Trinity Alliance’s Wellness Advocates Linking Communities (WALC) team. Programs at the Collaboratory address social justice and social determinants of health, with the shared goal of improving population health.

CBET is the Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training—an evolutionary leap in health sciences education and biomanufacturing workforce training.

Dr. Dewey is perhaps most proud of the creation of two student-run pharmacies, both situated in what would be deemed “pharmacy deserts.” The pharmacies in Albany and Schenectady, NY, are prime examples of social entrepreneurship and they are designed to have a lasting impact on the communities they serve, while also helping to develop skills that students will benefit from. Dr. Dewey explains that social entrepreneurship involves being self-sustaining while doing public good.

Because of his relationships with faculty, staff, and students, coupled with the development of these crucial initiatives, Dr. Dewey has found his work at ACPHS to be greatly gratifying. And because of his enormous contributions at ACPHS, he will be greatly missed.


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