The foundation that springboards students into a career in pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry

Program Overview

The ACPHS Pre-Pharmacy program is designed to provide students the foundation needed to successfully move into our Doctor of Pharmacy program. 

The program provides students the ability to explore a variety of interdisciplinary classes that help shape a student's perspective on the role pharmacy and health care play in society at large. The academic and practical skills gained in the Pre-Pharmacy program are the cornerstones that propel students on their journey to successfully obtain degree from a Doctor of Pharmacy program that results in licensure and a successful career.


The Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum
Our 2-year, 69 credit Pre-Pharmacy program curriculum ensures that students have competencies in science, communications and the humanities which are fundamental to students’ success in the Doctor of Pharmacy program and beyond.

The ACPHS Early Assurance program is a component of the Pre-Pharmacy program that guarantees students’ admission into the first professional year (P1) of the Doctor of Pharmacy program upon successful completion the Pre-Pharmacy program and fulfillment of College progression requirements (see below). This program seamlessly transitions a student from the 2-year Pre-Pharmacy program into the 4-year Doctor of Pharmacy program enabling students to earn their Doctor of Pharmacy degree and enter the workforce two years earlier than traditional pharmacy programs.

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Faculty Experts
Our program is led by a team of experts in the field, but what makes our faculty unique is that our team goes beyond expertise, they are thought-leaders, scientists, explorers, researchers, mentors and educators. They help shape and influence the global conversation around pharmacy and its practical application and the potential to shape the future of human health through advancements in pharmacy.

Our faculty know that as significant as their professional achievements are, what is most important is how they share their knowledge with students. ACPHS has an unmatched commitment to educating students. Since 1881, we’ve known that the ability of our faculty to share their knowledge with students is mission critical. Our faculty's propensity to share their expertise in a manner that is easily embraced and applied ensure that our students are prepared and empowered to be the next generation of pharmacy leaders.

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Beyond Pharmacy
Students in the Pre-Pharmacy program can customize their academic path to include courses and experiences that align with their interests and/or career aspirations. ACPHS offers Academic Minors in Mathematics, Medical Humanities, Microbiology, Public Health. Dual undergraduate degree options allow students to simultaneously earn a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or Public Health along with their PharmD degree.

Dual graduate degree programs are designed to provide highly motivated, qualified students with the opportunity to begin a master's degree program as early as their first professional year (P1) of the Doctor of Pharmacy program. Graduate dual degree opportunities include Master of Business Administration (MBA), Juris Doctor degree (JD), MS in Molecular Biosciences, MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and a Professional Science Master's (PSM) in Biomanufacturing & Bioprocessing

ACPHS’ Collaboratory and Student Run Pharmacies are unique opportunities for our co-curricular students that allow candidates to apply classroom knowledge in a real world setting and, more importantly, have a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals in the local community.

Our commitment to making opportunities accessible to students is the practical application of how the entire ACPHS community embraces and lives our commitment to being student centered – it’s a big part of what makes the Pre-Pharmacy program unique.
Post ACPHS Life
Life After ACPHS
If you have the passion and desire, you’ll find that pharmacy is much bigger than a job. A pharmacy education opens doors to a wide array of careers that offer challenging and fulfilling work that has a profound impact on people and society.

Whether you choose to help to improve the health of a community as a retail pharmacist, become an essential member of a hospital’s medical team in a clinical setting or take a job in industry that helps shape the development and formulation of new drugs that enhance people’s lives, you’ll be on the forefront of new discoveries and new possibilities.