Doctor of Pharmacy

Early Assurance

Complete your Doctor of Pharmacy program in a minimum of six years.

Sometimes you just know. The majority of pharmacy students come to ACPHS directly from high school and enroll in our Pre-Pharmacy program. Some of these students have a family member who is a pharmacist. Others may have worked in a pharmacy in high school or perhaps job shadowed a pharmacist. For high school students who have made the decision to become pharmacists, the Early Assurance program is the way to go.

Early Assurance

Early Assurance students who complete the two-year Pre-Pharmacy program at ACPHS and meet the stated progression requirements (see below) are guaranteed a seat in the first professional year (P1) of the Doctor of Pharmacy program. No worrying if there will be a spot for you.

Taking this route puts you on track to earning your Pharm.D. in just six years, as opposed to the eight years it typically takes if you earn a four-year bachelor's degree before applying to pharmacy school.

Students interested in enrolling in the first professional year (P1) of the Doctor of Pharmacy program should visit our Admissions webpage to learn more about the application process and the pre-requisite requirements.

Progression Requirements

Students with Early Assurance who complete two years of undergraduate work at ACPHS and fulfill the following progression requirements are guaranteed a seat in the first professional year (P1) of the program.

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (see below for GPA categories)
  • Successful completion of in-person Interview with two faculty or staff members
  • Successful completion of an assigned writing assessment
  • Completion of the PharmCAS application (
  • Completion of the PCAT is recommended for students with a GPA of less than 3.0. Early Assurance students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher are not required to take the PCAT.

Other requirements include no major violations of the ACPHS Student Conduct or Academic Integrity policies and completion of a criminal background check.

Cumulative GPA Categories

The College has an “Expected GPA” and a “Minimum GPA with Candidate Review” for progression into the first professional year (P1):

Expected GPA: 3.0
All students who meet their respective progression requirements will progress into the first professional year (P1).

Minimum GPA: 2.5
The minimum GPA you must receive by the end of the second pre-pharmacy year to be considered for admission into the first professional year of the pharmacy program.

Window GPA: 2.5 - 2.9
Students with a GPA below 3.0 and at least 2.5 after the second pre-pharmacy year are not guaranteed admission to the P1 year, but will be considered for admission by the Pharmacy Admissions Committee. Students are strongly encouraged to submit PCAT scores to strengthen their candidacies. ACPHS has partnered with Kaplan Test Services to help students prepare for the PCAT.