Humanities & Communication

Associate Professor
Focus: Spatial Theory

Contact Information
(518) 694-7359

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Speaker Request
Kevin M. Hickey, PH.D.


  • Ph.D. in English, State University of New York at Albany


  • Principles of Communication 
  • Humanities I: Ancient Times to the Renaissance 
  • Humanities II: The Renaissance to the 19th Century 
  • Humanities III: The 19th Century to the Present 
  • Humanities 201: The Contemporary World 
  • Health Care and Human Values 
  • The Drama 
  • Travel in Literature and Image 
  • African American Literature and Music 
  • Caribbean Literature and Music 
  • African Literature, Film, and Music 
  • Culture and Customs of Senegal
  • Culture, Customs, & Health of Belize
  • Global Health
  • Nature and Wellness


  • My research on “geography” in literature falls into three interconnecting categories. First, I research places called, for instance, Africa, Jamaica, colony. Second, I research literature that depicts “foreign lands” using ideas such as “the dark continent,” “exile,” “tourist,” or “at home.” Third, I research the “imagined geographies” of Western philosophy especially of metaphysics and in particular Kant’s "Critique of Judgment" to analyze tropes of travel, geography, and conquest. My research shows how these tropes work to create and sustain ideas that support (and in some ways disrupt) Eurocentric and imperial perceptions of the world. Most importantly, I study how Africana writers use these same tropes to reconfigure “inherited conceptions” of space and the hierarchies embedded in those conceptions.


  • Annual ACPHS Africana Film Series Coordinator 
  • Image-Film: "Four Years Across Africa by Bike"
  • Annual Pharm.D. Rotation in Basel, Switzerland Coordinator 
  • Study Abroad Course in Senegal Professor  
  • Medical Mission to Belize Professor 
  • New York African Studies Association President
  • External Reviewer for U.S. State Department Youth Leadership Program with Francophone Africa


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