Vermont Students


Vermont STUDENT Information and Services

This information is posted to serve and support our Vermont students as the college carries out the teach-out plan for the Vermont Campus.  The information below is specific to the Vermont students.  There are many other resources for ACPHS students found throughout the website.

Student Services:

Health Needs

  • Acute Medical Care (Urgent Care) at the UVM Fanny Allen Campus, 790 College Parkway, Colchester, 802-847-1170, Daily Hours 8am-8pm
  • Primary Care Services at Mountain View Natural Medicine, 302 Mountain View Dr., Colchester, 802-860-3366 (Identify yourself as an ACPHS student)
  • Counseling Services through the UVM Medical Center EFAP, multiply locations, 802-847-2827, Hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Services provided include initial assessment, counseling, and referral. Crisis counseling is available when necessary, and unlimited telephone consultation is available. Students will be given timely appointments within 48 hours of the request.

Should the need for services extend beyond the short term model of treatment, additional services can be provided using the student’s insurance or with the student paying out-of -pocket. The counselors at UVM Medical Center can make referrals or students can access ThrivingCampus. (See details below) 

All counseling services are offered via phone or video visits at this time.  An appointment can be made by calling 802-847-2827 or email  Please reach out with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Health Insurance

ACPHS requires all full-time students to have health coverage, either through a family health insurance plan, a private insurer, or the quality plan offered by the College.

The College plan is with MVP and includes full coverage insurance as with typical HMO/PPOs.

All students are charged for the College insurance plan. Those who wish to waive the College’s plan must provide insurance information by the May 15th deadline in order to have the charge for the school plan removed from their tuition bill. 

Students must go online to provide the name and address of their health insurance provider, subscriber’s name, and their policy number and/or group number.

Students will not be permitted to waive coverage after either May 15th and no credit will be issued.

Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success at ACPHS provides a comprehensive set of programs and services designed to help students grow academically, personally and professionally.

Student Life:

Bookstore link to
Items can be shipped directly to you.

Gym Membership
Annual memberships at The Edge’s multiply locations – Any questions can be directed to Mike Marquis (

The Student Government Association of the Vermont Campus unifies the thoughts and opinions of all Vermont students into one voice and is responsible for representing the students voice – Any questions or concerns for SGA-VT can be directed to