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Pharmaceutical Sciences

The moment of discovery is nearly impossible to describe. It's the search for knowledge that drives the pharmaceutical scientist because it means that something very special is possible. Not just for her or him. But for all of humankind.


The disciplines of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences contribute in very different ways to a patient’s health. Most people are familiar with the pharmacist’s role in dispensing drugs and counseling patients. But fewer realize that it is often the pharmaceutical scientist who initiates the process by which these drugs are discovered and developed.

Our Bachelor's in Pharmaceutical Sciences has been designed to include both the coursework and hands-on laboratory experiences required to succeed in this dynamic field. The result is a degree that serves as a springboard to master’s or Ph.D.-level programs, medical school, or entry-level positions in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

Students interested in further preparing themselves for this field may want to explore our B.S./M.S. dual degree program which allows you to obtain a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in just five years. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a top choice for Pharmaceutical Sciences colleges.

Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Many of the graduates of the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program choose to continue their studies in medical school or graduate school (Master's or Ph.D.). Graduates of the program have enrolled at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Vanderbilt University, Mt. Sinai Medical School (School of Public Health), Northeastern University, and Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Other graduates seek employment immediately after graduation. This group has also found success at companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, and Albany Molecular Research Inc.

Whatever you choose to do, you will find that your degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from ACPHS has provided what you need to take the next step on your career path.

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Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Each student in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program must choose one of two tracks or areas of focus – pharmacology or pharmaceutics. Pharmacology explores how a drug works in the body; pharmaceutics asks did the drug get to the right place.

Regardless of which track you choose, all students take the three-course Scientific Reasoning and Analysis sequence during their first two years. It is here where you will learn to answers to questions ranging from what is data to how do I stage an experiment.

These courses will serve as the foundation for the more research-intensive coursework that follows in the next two years, culminating with a thesis project in your final year.

For students interested in adding a master's degree Pharmaceutical Sciences, a five-year B.S./M.S. dual degree program is also available. You can also leverage a bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences to earn a Physician Assistant degree in six years or a medical school degree in eight years.
Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Research Opportunities
Nanotechnology. Neuroscience. Cancer. Addiction. These are some of the areas where you will find our pharmaceutical sciences faculty members doing research. But if you have something else in mind, it’s not a problem.

That’s because one of the benefits of attending ACPHS is that all of our academic programs are centered around human health. So there’s a good possibility that a faculty member from elsewhere on campus is studying a topic more closely aligned with your interests.

And if you still want to cast your net wider, the College is within walking distance of three major hospitals, a medical college, and New York State’s Public Health Laboratory (and we have strong relationships with them all). It’s another way of saying, when it comes to research, we have you covered.
Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Expand Your Network
Regardless of the program of study, everyone at ACPHS is interested in improving human health. So it’s easy to find students and faculty from outside Pharmaceutical Sciences who share similar interests as you.

Clubs and organizations offer excellent opportunities to forge such relationships, allowing you to make new friends while enhancing your educational experience. Examples of two clubs popular with students in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program are:

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENTISTS (AAPS) – The student chapter of this professional organization helps encourage student participation in research and facilitates research-related activities.

PRE-MEDICAL CLUB – Working in conjunction with the College’s Medical School Advisory Committee, the Pre-Medical Club hosts activities such as Q&A’s with medical students and visits to different medical schools.
Stephen Ziter, ACPHS Class of 2014
Discovery Spotlight
"I highly recommend this school to anyone. It’s a tremendous education and value."
Stephen Ziter '14 Bachelor's in Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Brandon LaPorte, ACPHS Class of 2018
Discovery Spotlight
“I chose medicine more than anything because I want to help people.”
Brandon LaPorte '17 B.S. and M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
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