Giving Day


We pride ourselves on being a close-knit community. It comes from our dedication to our students, our professions and our patients. Now it’s time to be all in for ACPHS.

Every year, the college comes together to celebrate our students, our alumni and our future at Commencement.

Now is the time to both look back at the accomplishments of the past, and look ahead to a brighter future. 

We will be celebrating our Giving Days on May 8th and 9th this year to help send our graduates off in style and strengthen programs for our continuing students. Giving Days are a time to celebrate and grow.

We have a goal of welcoming 150 donors to the College over these days. Can we count on you?


You can use the form below to make a credit card gift. Click on the buttons to learn more about making a gift of stock or a distribution from your IRA.

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