Doctor of Pharmacy

If you have what it takes, you’ll find that pharmacy is about so much more than a job. It’s about a whole life’s worth of challenging and fulfilling work all done to improve the quality of life for your patients.

Doctor of Pharmacy at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Redefine Pharmacy
The health care industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. To succeed and thrive as a pharmacist in the years to come, you will need to be resourceful, adaptable, inventive, and even a little entrepreneurial.

At ACPHS, we will help you develop and refine these skills through opportunities that include:

- Working in one of our student operated pharmacies. ACPHS is one of just three schools in the country to have their own pharmacy (and we have two!)
- Leveraging our network of our more than 600+ practice sites around the world to find clinical and research experiences tailored to your career goals
- Organizing community initiatives such as Health Fairs or medication takeback events

Read on to discover what a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from ACPHS can make possible for you.


of the 2017 Pharm.D. class secured jobs or plans for further education before they graduated
87.1% of the 2016 Pharm.D. Class passed the NAPLEX exam on their first attempt
of the members of the 2017 Pharm.D. Class graduated on time
Average Salary Ten Years After Attending: $122,600

Our Faculty and The Learning Environment

Our faculty are knowledgeable about the topics they teach and are often among the leading experts in their areas of study.  They are passionate advocates in their disciplines and spend many hours developing the next generation of professionals in health related fields.

When they're not teaching, faculty can be found providing direct patient care, collaborating with interprofessional teams, conducting research, delivering presentations at regional, national and international conferences, preparing publications, and writing research grants.

ACPHS faculty are also actively engaged with students in other capacities, such as supervising students in experiential settings, offering academic and career advisement, and serving as advisors to student clubs and organizations.

Expertise in Infectious Diseases and Nephrology

While ACPHS boasts faculty experts across many areas of pharmacy, the College has made a concerted effort to build faculty specialties in the areas of Infectious Diseases and Nephrology (the study of the kidneys).

Why is it important to have strengths in these two areas? The majority of drugs are eliminated by the kidney, so if you want to determine the optimal dose of a medication, you must have a good understanding of how the kidneys function.

Our Infectious Diseases faculty approach the practice of medication dosing from a different, but equally important, perspective. They analyze data on patients who were treated for infections in order to better understand what dosing strategies worked best in real world practice, as opposed to the controlled settings of a clinical trial.

Armed with knowledge of these two disciplines, you will be able to more accurately determine the best dosing and treatment strategy for your patient.

Classroom Technologies

The College employs a variety of technologies to ensure students on both of our campuses have the same exceptional learning experience. Depending on the class, these may include:

  • Live lectures broadcast between the campuses
  • In-class survey technology that helps faculty instantly gauge students' understanding of the material
  • Push-to-talk technology in the classroom that allows questions to be asked by a student on one campus to a faculty member on the other campus
    Doctor of Pharmacy at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    Residencies and Fellowships
    Residencies and fellowships offer opportunities for graduates to obtain a more advanced level of pharmacy training after obtaining their Doctor of Pharmacy. Residencies are intended for students interested in a deeper understanding of clinical care, while fellowships are typically for those seeking additional experience in research.

    These opportunities are highly competitive, but the College’s Residency and Fellowship Committee is a great resource to help you navigate the process and ensure you do what it takes to get “matched” to a site of your choice.

    The College has enjoyed great success in this area, matching an average of 25 residents in recent years at locations that include the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and the VA Boston Healthcare System.

    And if you are interested in a residency, but prefer to stay nearby, no problem. ACPHS also offers two residencies of our own!