Ben Graham '71 is on a Mission

Benjamin Graham ’71 has been involved with the Glens Falls Medical Mission Foundation (GFMMF) for many years. Late last fall, he returned to Nueva Santa Rosa Guatemala for a special mission; to renew medical care to this community after a three-year COVID interruption. He and his team of volunteers plan to return later this spring. He’s working with ACPHS faculty members Dr. Wendy Parker and Dr. Kate Cabral to encourage students to take part in future trips.

During the five clinical days the team spent in Guatemala last fall, they saw close to 900 unique patients and over 2,000 clinical visits were recorded. 

The team of 35 traveling from four different states in the U.S. consisted of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, pharmacists, nursing students, nurse practitioner students and dentists along with non-professional members. They were joined in Guatemala by several local Guatemala Physicians and 24 translator students from San Carlos University in Guatemala City.

Ben visited ACPHS recently to speak with public health students. He is looking for medical professionals to volunteer for upcoming trips. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit or email Ben at