GOLD Advisory Board

The GOLD Advisory Board is recruiting five new members to join in December 2023!

What is the GOLD Advisory Board and what is their role?

The GOLD Advisory Board was founded in 2020 to provide the Board of Trustees with the unique insights from recent graduates. This is a ten-member board that is appointed by members of the College’s Governance Committee and its members serve two- or three-year terms.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has completed their degree from ACPHS between 2013 and 2023. Both undergraduate and graduate alumni are welcome to apply.

What is the time commitment?

GOLD Advisory Board members are required to attend their committee meeting, plus at least one board meetings a year (either in-person or virtually).

Committee meetings are about an hour long. Board meetings run 4-5 hours.

GOLD Advisory board members are required to volunteer with the College for at least 5 hours per year to support enrollment management, alumni networking, precepting or serving as a speaker or mentor to current students.

How often does the board itself meet?

The board meets three times a year.

GOLD advisory board members will also take part in a committee of the board. The committees also meet three times per year.

How often will this group meet?

Two meetings a year – Fall and Spring. The meetings will be virtual and the meetings will be coordinated to compliment the schedule of the Board meetings.

When is the deadline to apply?

October 15, 2023

How do I apply?

Use the online application and then email your CV/resume to Alexis DiBartolomeo at

Apply Today

As ACPHS looks ahead, we know that it’s vital that our alumni are involved and invested in the College’s future. It’s especially important that our most recent graduates have a voice in the College’s direction moving forward.