Welcome to ACPHS

Founded in 1881, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences prides itself on its tradition of excellence in teaching and research. That tradition continues to this day through our ongoing efforts to build innovative educational programs that meet the ever changing needs of our health care system.

In 2008, Albany College of Pharmacy made a strategic decision to change its name to Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The move coincided with the expansion of academic offerings at the College, and the need to have a name that was inclusive of current and future degree programs.

The addition of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs has enabled many positive changes for ACPHS – from diversifying our student body to enriching the Doctor of Pharmacy program by virtue of expanded curricular options.

With programs that now span the Basic Sciences (Pharmaceutical Sciences, Microbiology, and Molecular Biosciences), Clinical Sciences (Pharmacy, Biomedical Technology, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, and Cytotechnology/Molecular Cytology), and Population Health Sciences (Public Health, Health Outcomes Research & Informatics), ACPHS has positioned itself well to keep pace with a world where these three areas are increasingly tied together.

Our academic programs are further enhanced by learning experiences unique to ACPHS. We are the only school in New York State, for example, to have its own student operated pharmacies, operating in medically underserved areas of the region. Our latest initiative - The Collaboratory - provides opportunities for the College to partner with local community organizations on the development of new or expanded health and wellness programs.

Such settings offer students across multiple disciplines the ability to apply what they have learned to real world environments while at the same time providing critical health care services to those parts of the region that need it most.

ACPHS also provides a stimulating academic environment where students have access to a high level of professional experience similar to what one might expect to find at a large research university. Yet, they benefit from our small college setting, which allows for close interaction with faculty mentors.

It all adds up to an exceptional educational experience, and that’s not just my opinion. A 2019 report by the The Wall Street Journal listed ACPHS as the top value-added school in the country in a study of nearly 1,000 colleges and universities.

We invite you to visit our College and learn more about how we are helping redefine what is possible – in our students and for all of human health.

You won’t be disappointed.


Greg Dewey, Ph.D.