Title IX

Reporting an Incident

Reporting an incident DOES NOT:

  • Obligate the victim to prosecute;

  • Subject the victim to inappropriate scrutiny or judgment by the person receiving the report; or

  • Suggest in any way that the victim is at fault for the crime or violation, or should have acted in a different manner to avoid the crime or violation.

Reporting an incident DOES:

  • Ensure that a victim of sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking receives necessary medical testing and treatment;

  • Provide the opportunity for collection of evidence critical to a prosecution, which cannot be obtained later;

  • Ensure that the victim has knowledge of and access to professional, confidential counseling from a counselor specifically trained in the areas of sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking.

At ACPHS, all employees (including Resident Assistants or RAs) are considered Mandatory Reporters. Mandatory Reporters are required to report all details of an incident of sexual misconduct, including the identity of the perpetrator and the victim, the date and location of the incident, and details regarding the incident - if known - for purposes of initiation of an investigation and appropriate action.


A Bystander is a person who observes a crime, impending crime, conflict, potentially violent or violent behavior, or conduct that is in violation of rules or policies of ACPHS. ACPHS encourages bystanders to report incidents of sex or gender-based misconduct to one or more of the resources in the Resource Documents located on the sidebar of this page.

Reporting Individual
A Reporting Individual is a victim, survivor, complainant, claimant, or witness with victim status. They are the individual who experienced the sex or gender-based misconduct. ACPHS encourages, but does not require, victims, survivors, complainants, claimants, and witnesses with victim status of sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking (reporting individuals) to report the incident. 

For a guide and list of options for reporting, please visit the page If You’ve Experienced Misconduct.