MCAT Test Prep by Kaplan

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Everything You Need for MCAT Success
This in-person, one-credit course represents an exclusive arrangement with Kaplan to provide the expert instruction and comprehensive resources that Pre-Med students need to fully prepare for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and other admissions exams.

This course is available to both ACPHS students and non-matriculating students at a 40% discount.

MCAT test prep will be held on Tuesdays in October and November from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. This class serves as a general elective offering with a pass/fail grading system.

Students will study core lessons in the areas of Critical Analysis and Reasoning, Chemistry and Physics, Biology and Biochemistry and Psychology and Sociology. Course materials are presented via live instruction and on-demand videos.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to describe the sections on the MCAT exam and explain the scoring system for each one.
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Advantages of MCAT Prep at ACPHS
Not only is Kaplan known for being the best-in-class MCAT preparation service, but students who register to take this course at ACPHS will save approximately $1,000, compared to taking it elsewhere. The cost is $1,499.

Best of all, students who register for MCAT prep at ACPHS will have access to their online resources for one year, as opposed to the standard six-month time period. That means if you take this course and feel you need additional preparation, you can still access the learning materials at no additional charge.

Additionally, current ACPHS students can earn 1 credit upon successful completion of this course.


Hours of instruction
Interactive Science Review Videos
Full Length MCAT Prep Tests
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MCAT Prep Pre-Requisites
Students interested in MCAT preparation should have successfully completed the following courses:

BIO 101/111 - General Biology I
BIO 102/121 - General Biology II
CHE 101/111 - General Chemistry I
CHE 102/121 - General Chemistry II
CHE 201/211 - Organic Chemistry I
CHE 202/221 - Organic Chemistry II
CHE 311/312 - Biochemistry
PHY 212 - College Physics I
PHY 222 - College Physics II
PSY 101 - General Psychology
SOC 101 - Sociology (recommended)
Additional Questions?

Interested in registering, but still have questions? Dr. Brookins, Director of Pre-Health Pathways can help.