Academic Dismissal

Academic Dismissal

  • Students with significant or multiple academic deficiencies may be dismissed from an academic program (based on program-specific academic standards) or they may be dismissed from the College.
  • Academic dismissal is usually not invoked until academic probation has been imposed. However, academic dismissal may be recommended before probation when a student’s academic record is significantly deficient.
  • Students who have been dismissed from a program, but not the College, may consider transfer to another program at the College. See Transfer to another Program below.
  • Students dismissed from the College can also seek re-admission to ACPHS as transfer students. 


(Bachelor’s and Pre-Pharmacy)

PharmD and Accelerated PharmD


Dismissal from the College if one of the following conditions exists:

  • Two instances of probation (whether consecutive or non-consecutive);
  • A semester GPA below 1.6

Dismissal from the program for any of the following reasons below:

  • Two instances of probation (whether consecutive or non-consecutive) resulting from didactic or experiential coursework in the Doctor of Pharmacy program;
  • A semester GPA below 1.6;
  • Failure to successfully complete APPE Performance Improvement Plan*

Dismissal from a graduate program for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to correct deficiencies of academic probation in a timely manner (see above: “Removal from Academic Probation”)
  • Two independent instances of being placed on academic probation.
  • Two failures of the thesis defense or two failures of the capstone project.
  • Receiving a grade of F in any required graduate course or grades of B- or below in two or more required courses.

Failure to meet Programmatic requirements in the time frame designation for program completion.

Other requirements:

  • Full-time graduate students must complete all  program degree requirements in 3 years or less.
  • Part-time graduate students must complete all program degree requirements in 7 years or less.
  • Students dismissed from a graduate program will be informed by the Program Director and the decision will be communicated to the student’s advisors, the Dean and the Registrar’s office.
Appeal Process

Students are permitted to appeal academic standing and progression decisions (except academic probation) by completing a form and supporting documentation.  The process can be found at:

Transfer to Another Program

Students wishing to transfer to another program at the College should:

  1. Contact the program director of the program you are dismissed from, your faculty advisor, and your academic advisor (Triangle of Academic Success) to seek guidance regarding alternative programs;
  1. Meet with the program director of the program you wish to transfer to discuss curricular options, review course credits, and plan your degree path;
  1. Consult with Financial Aid to discuss potential financial aid implications of transferring to another program;
  1. Once an appropriate plan is determined, complete the Internal Transfer into an ACPHS Program form on the Registrar’s intranet page and submit to the Registrar with appropriate signatures.
Readmission Policy

A student who wishes to return to the College after dismissal for poor academic performance may apply for admission as a transfer student.  Courses taken at other institutions during the dismissal period will be reviewed for approval as transfer credits upon re-admission to the College.

Readmission Policy Pharmacy Program:

Individuals who have been dismissed from the Pharmacy Program for academic reasons may reapply to the Pharmacy Program through PharmCAS (see for details and application deadlines). A supplemental application for readmission will be sent to the applicant following receipt of the PharmCAS application. The same admission standards for the P1 applicants will apply. The Pharmacy Admissions Committee will make a determination regarding admission, including conditional acceptance, and work with the program director for class year placement for students dismissed from the program in the P2, P3 or P4 year. Contact the Admissions office for further information at