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ACPHS Experts Advisory: Current Drug Shortages and the Effects on our Communities

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May 22, 2023

The New York Times and others have recently reported on staggering drug shortages across the country, from ADHD medications, to chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients, to unexplainable cases involving generic medications. What does this mean for our community and how can patients get the medications they need to manage their medical conditions?

National experts are debating the origins of this shortage – pandemic-related issues, supply and demand, and a heightened focus on diagnosing mental health issues are just some of the theories. Shortages are currently so acute that the White House and Congress are exploring possible causes in order to address them. According to the American Society for Health-System Pharmacists, there are more than 300 drugs in shortage, the highest since 2014.

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has faculty with expertise to address some of these concerns. According to Dr. Gina Garrison, who oversees clinical pharmacy services, an invaluable service for busy prescribers who need assistance getting patients their medications, this is the worst she has seen it in her nearly 30 years as a pharmacist.

If you need sources for a story addressing this issue, ACPHS offers the following:


  • Gina Garrison, PharmD, professor of Pharmacy Practice focuses on pharmacy as it pertains to Ambulatory Care/Cardiovascular issues. Dr. Garrison can discuss seeing this issue in play daily with her pharmacy students on rotation. 


Kristin Marshall, Director of Communications