Pharmacy Practice

Focus: Geriatric Pharmacotherapy

Contact Information
(518) 694-7386

Speaker Request
Michael R. Brodeur, PHARM.D., BCGP, FASCP


  • Geriatric Pharmacotherapy Speciality Residency (PGY-2), University of Maryland
  • Pharm.D., St. John's University 
  • B.S. in Pharmacy, St. John’s University


  • Geriatric Pharmacotherapy Professional Elective
  • Neurology/Psychiatric PTPM
  • Genitourinary PTPM
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Geriatric Pharmacotherapy (APPE)


  • Dr. Brodeur’s research interests include Geriatric Pharmacotherapy. He has an active clinical practice in geriatrics with a focus on the care of frail elders. He is specifically interested in anticholinergic drug burden, dementia and adverse drug reactions. Dr. Brodeur also conducts research in the field of pharmacy education with a focus on curricular development and assessment.


  • Senior Care Clinical Pharmacist - The Eddy, NY


  • New York State Licensed Pharmacist, 1998-present
  • Maryland Licensed Pharmacist, 2000-present
  • Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, 2001-present
  • Pharmacist/Clinical Pharmacy Unit Leader: Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) NY-2, National Medical Disaster Medical System, Department of Health and Human Services


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