Professor Gary D. Hall Pharmaceutics Scholarship Fund

The end of the year is a time for reflection — and as the fall ends, and our reunion celebrations are behind us, we’re focusing on what is important to us.

Your classmate, John Cote ’70 has done exactly that.

Upon thinking about the 50th anniversary of his graduation from ACP, and the many chapters of his career in pharmacy and academia, he thought about the people and place that gave him his start, and he wanted to honor his beginnings and pay it forward to the next generation of healthcare professionals.

As you may know, John was one of Professor Gary Hall’s lab assistants while at ACP, and this experience had a significant impact on him in his early career. I’m sure you can think of a professor or preceptor who had a similar effect on you — perhaps it was also Professor Hall.

John has generously endowed a Pharmaceutical Scholarship honoring Professor Gary D. Hall. This scholarship will provide financial support to student(s) enrolled in the Pharm.D. program who intend to pursue a career in institutional pharmacy practice, and have demonstrated exceptional interest, talent, and skill upon completion of the Pharmacy Skills Laboratories III and IV and the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience in Institutional Practice.

I hope you will consider joining John in honoring Professor Hall who, for over thirty years, taught Pharmaceutics at ACP and inspired hundreds of practitioners.

This scholarship will, in perpetuity, aid our current and future students at a critical moment in their education while honoring Gary D. Hall, pharmacist, professor and friend.

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