Jessica Anderson '09

With the passing of Selig Corman '58, Jessica Anderson '09 honored his legacy by creating a scholarship fund that would continue to help students for years to come. We spoke to her what inspired to remember Selig in this way.

What inspired you to help raise money for the Corman Family Memorial Scholarship?

I was hopeful that I could help to fulfill Selig’s wish to help future students with financial need be able to pursue an opportunity they may not otherwise be able to have. 

What surprised you the most about reaching out to friends and colleagues for support?

It was nice to re-connect with colleagues and friends in the pharmacy world over this scholarship. I knew that Selig had precepted and mentored quite a few students over the years, but I guess I didn’t realize quite how large that number actually was. After some of the initial outreach there were a few individuals in particular that I had not connected with in some time that sent me quick notes or stories with their pledge to donate that I was pleasantly surprised to hear from. I guess you may not always know who you are having an impact on, so that is a good reminder for us all.

How does Selig’s legacy impact your life today?

I find myself thinking frequently about conversations that I have had with Selig about the past, present and future of not only pharmacy but our local communities. We shared a passion for wanting to help those that were in need and the communities they live in. I try to take every opportunity to be involved, and have found each experience to be rewarding in its own way. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’d just like to encourage everyone to take those opportunities whether health care related or not to be a part of your community. You as a leader can really make a difference and have such an impact on our future generations. It may be outside your comfort zone but if you find yourself driven towards an opportunity, don’t hesitate to go for it. Someone, somewhere will appreciate it.