Instructional Design Services

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Faculty members will find information here about course development, instructional design processes and theories, teaching methodologies, faculty development opportunities, and how to work with an instructional designer.

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Instructional Design is the systematic process of assessing the needs of a learner, determining the goals of instruction, and then composing teaching methods, resources, and assessments that will best facilitate effective learning. The instructional design process is a team collaboration that involves faculty as subject matter experts, instructional designers, developers and multimedia specialists.

  • Consult for course and activity design and revision
  • Recommend and facilitate innovative methods for teaching and learning
  • Evaluate and facilitate use of emerging technologies for instruction
  • Provide faculty with opportunities to explore new and innovative technologies
  • Identify the concepts and skills they want students to learn in their course
  • Write appropriate objectives that have specific measurable outcomes
  • Design effective assignments, exams, and projects that demonstrate how well students understand the subject and help identify trouble spots
  • Select or create appropriate media to enhance lectures and online presentations
  • Utilize appropriate technologies to achieve specific teaching and learning goals
  • Traditional instructor-led classes
  • Distance classes held through videoconferencing technology
  • Hybrid or blended classes
  • Live or self-paced online classes
  • New or existing courses

Instructional Design Services meets with the instructor to review existing approaches and materials from the course, as well as any specific goals that the instructor would like to achieve or needs that they are trying to meet.

The Instructional Design staff will work with the course content to determine what strategies and instructional methods would complement the materials and the instructor's strengths.

New approaches and technologies will be researched and recommended to help you achieve the instructional objectives in a different or more effective manner. Instructional Design services may also help to design lessons, activities, media, or other learning objects to meet the goals.