February 9, 2019

9th Annual ACPHS Research Symposium

The day-long ACPHS Research Symposium will feature oral presentations from ACPHS faculty researchers engaged in collaborative research projects. The event will include a midday poster session featuring faculty and student researchers across all academic disciplines at the institution. 

The Symposium, which will be held in Room 202 of the Gozzo Student Center on the ACPHS Campus, begins with a continental breakfast at 8:30 am. The program will start promptly at 9:00 am.

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Greg Dewey, President, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Welcome Remarks

Greg Dewey, Ph.D.
President, ACPHS

9:00 - 9:15 am
Stephen Edward Gilman, Sc.D.
Morning Keynote

Stephen Gilman, Sc.D.
Senior Investigator, Social and Behavioral Sciences Branch
National Institutes of Health

Topic: “A Team Science Approach to Health Disparities”

9:15 - 10:00 am
Thomas Lodise, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Session I

Thomas Lodise, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Professor, ACPHS
Department of Pharmacy Practice

Topic: “Dual Beta-Lactam Therapy for Patients with Gram-Negative Infections” 

10:20 - 10:50 am
Meenakshi Malik, Ph.D.
Session I

Meenakshi Malik, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, ACPHS
Department of Basic and Clinical Sciences

Topic: “Insights into the Evolution of Staphylococcus Aureus Daptomycin Resistance from an In Vitro Bioreactor Model”

10:55 - 11:25 am
Poster Viewing
Lunch and Poster Viewing Session

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11:30 am - 1:00 pm


James A. Dias, Ph.D.
Afternoon Keynote

James A. Dias, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research, University at Albany

Topic: “The Promise, Approach and Challenge of Team Science”

1:00 - 1:45 pm
Stanley Stevens, Ph.D.
Session II

Stanley Stevens, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, ACPHS - Vermont Campus
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Topic: “Biomics:  A Team-Based Approach”

2:05 - 2:35 pm
Christopher Cioffi, Ph.D.
Session II

Christopher Cioffi, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor, ACPHS
Department of Basic and Clinical Sciences

Topic: “Visual Cycle Modulators for the Potential Treatment of Atropic Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Stargardt Disease”

2:40 - 3:10 pm
Tarun Patel, Provost, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Closing Remarks

Tarun Patel, Ph.D.
Provost, ACPHS

3:15 - 3:25 pm
Poster Viewing
Poster Viewing and Refreshments

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3:25 - 4:00 pm

* * * Poster Titles and Authors * * *


Pharmacist Driven Pharmacogenetic Testing Initiative: Implementation to Results
Jacqueline Cleary and Emily Seidl

Student Perception of the Opioid Epidemic at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Madyson Allard, Nicolas James, Jacqueline Cleary

Medicare Part D coverage of phosphate binders
Mariam Gawdat, Wendy Parker, Arthur Johnsen, Tyler Baumeister,Katie Cardone


Mechanisms of ricin-mediated programmed cell death
Cody Kempen, Alexa L. Hodges, William D. McCaig, Yinghui Rong,Jennifer Westfall, Nicholas J. Mantis and Timothy J. LaRocca

Mitochondrial ROS prime cells for the hyperglycemic shift to necroptosis
William D. McCaig, Matthew A. Deragon, Payal S. Patel, Nicole L. Shakerley,Tori A. Smiraglia, and Timothy J. LaRocca

Role(s) of pp(p)Gpp in Oxidative Stress Response and Virulence in Francisella tularensis LVS
Zhuo Ma, Kayla King, Chandra Shekhar Bakshi, Meenakshi Malik

Genetic Basis for Daptomycin Resistance in Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Smruti Mishra, Erica Lasek-Nesselquist , Jackson Lu, Ryan Schneider, Zhuo Ma, Janice Pata, Kathleen McDonough, Meenakshi Malik

Developing a Murine Model for the Investigation of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Infections
Chen Shu Dong, Brittany Vojnar, Brittney Maring, Michelle A. Parent

Vibrio parahaemolyticus Response to Oxidative Stress
Brittany Vojnar, Brittney L. Maring, Chen Shu Dong, Stephanie Waters-Wezalis, Michelle A. Parent

Co-culture between HIV-1 Infected MT2 Cells and THP1 Cells Induced Cell Death
Lalhming Zaua, Liang Xi, Laura Graf and Binshan Shi

Quantification of HIV-1 1-LTR Circle DNA by Using A Nested Real Time PCR
Laura Graf, Katie Mellon and Binshan Shi

Contribution of Thioredoxin A to Acinetobacter baumannii Virulence
Catherine Phelps, Patrick M Ketter, Bernard P Arulanandam, Nicole L Shakerley


Synthesis of Nicotinamide Riboside Derivatives
Song Zheng, Chinomso Ogbonna, Wilson Ebhohon, Yana Cen

Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Isotopically Labeled Nicotinamide Riboside
Ai Tran, Ryota Yokose, Yana Cen

Synthesis of Novel RPE65 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Stargardt’s Disease
Machayla Donovan, Parthasarathy Muthuraman, Arun Raja, Christopher Cioffi

Molecular Insights into Di-acetyllysine Histone Recognition by the BRPF1 Bromodomain
Juliet Obi, Mulu Y. Lubula, Chiara M. Evans, Kara McGuire and Karen C. Glass

Molecular mechanism of di-acetyllysine recognition by the ATAD2 bromodomain
Jonathan T. Lloyd, Jamie C. Gay, Brian E. Eckenroth, Marco Tonelli, Gabriel Cornilescu, Paul Nguyen, Samuel Carlson, John L. Markley and Karen C. Glass

Use of Topical Antioxidants for Inhibition of DNA Modifications Induced by Ultraviolet Radiation
Rebecca Cruz and Martha A. Hass

Combination of photodynamic and chemotherapeutic agents in the treatment of psoriasis: Assessment of in vitro efficacy of aminolevulinic acid and mycophenolic acid
Manisha Venkatesh, Jeffrey Voigt and Martha A. Hass

Cytokines secreted by stromal cells in TNBC microenvironment as potential targets for cancer therapy: experimental and bioinformatics predictions
Marie K. Malone, Karly Smrekar, Ludmila Danilova, Michael Considine, Elana J. Fertig, Sunju Park, Brianna Blakely, Alec Walter, Nicholas Nasta, Jay Park, Kideok Jin, and Aleksander S. Popel

Structural and Biophysical Characterization of CYP2C9*2 Genetic Variant Bound to an Anti-Hypertensive Drug Losartan
Sonia Parikh, Chiara M. Evans, Juliet O. Obi, Karen C. Glass, and Manish B. Shah

Functional Intereukin-6 (IL-6) Signaling in 419II cells
Brianna Bootier and Jeffrey Voigt

The Role of Endocannabinoids in the Post-Ischemic Survival of Human Brain Microvascular Vein Endothelial Cells
Andrew B. Thurston, Schuyler Pruyn, HaiAn Zheng, Jefferey Voigt, Marcel Musteata

Stability and Biodistribution of Endocannabinoids at the Blood-Brain Barrier
Schuyler Pruyn and HaiAn Zheng


Evaluation of the Impact of a Rotavirus Vaccine Program on Pediatric Acute Gastroenteritis Hospitalizations: Estimating the Overall Effect Attributable to the Program as a Whole and as a Per-Unit Change in Rotavirus Vaccine Coverage
Margaret K. Doll, Caroline Quach, David L. Buckeridge

Feasibility of a Digital Health Technology to Engage Heart Failure Outpatients and Their Providers to Prevent Avoidable Readmissions
Sean P. Pinney, Jennifer Ullman, Margaret K. Doll, Genna LeDrew,John Donehey, Beth Oliver, Anu Lala

Medicare Part D coverage of phosphate binders
Mariam Gawdat, Wendy Parker, Arthur Johnsen, Tyler Baumeister,Katie Cardone