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New Dual Degree Program Has Strong Research Emphasis

February 13, 2017

ACPHS has received approval from the New York State Education Department to offer a new dual degree program that will allow students to obtain a Bachelor's in Microbiology and a Master's in Molecular Biosciences in just five years. It would typically take six years to pursue each degree separately.

By reducing the total number of courses needed and the total time required for the combined BS/MS degree, students will now be able to save both time and money when compared to the requirements of pursuing each degree separately.

The combination of the master’s degree in Molecular Biosciences with the bachelor's degree in Microbiology will provide students with a stronger foundation in research, giving them a competitive advantage whether they choose to pursue employment opportunities immediately following graduation or decide to continue their education in a Ph.D. or professional program.

This is the College’s fourth dual degree program that allows students to earn two degrees in five years. The others are:

For more information about the new B.S. in Microbiology / M.S. in Molecular Biosciences program, please view the sample curricular grid or contact Associate Professor Meenakshi Malik at (518) 694-7168 or