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Mina Tadrous
Mina Tadrous '08, BS, PHARMD, MS, PhD
Scientist at Women's College Hospital, Assistant Professor at University of Toronto

Podcast Subject: Regulatory Affairs

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Mina Tadrous began to understand what career would spark him while getting his Doctor of Pharmacy at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. As his career trajectory shows, Tadrous has turned that spark into a flame in many, many ways. You could say his main focus is on post-marketing surveillance of drugs that have been approved. It is crucial work that uncovers the hidden differences between when a drug moves out of the category of “tolerable” to the determination of the drug’s suitability for a specific individual’s needs. But Tadrous also finds great fulfillment in teaching. He has also become a thoughtful commentator regarding the rising costs of drugs. In this episode of Occupation Station, Tadrous talks about his career and offers advice to students on how to tap into the resources available to them at ACPHS. Bonus! Tadrous reminds us of a special “in” that comes with being a student.