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Why Pharmacists Must Remain Data-Driven Decision Makers

Pharmacy Times
July 13, 2017

In this article for Pharmacy Times, ACPHS President Greg Dewey discusses how the principles of the scientific method form the basis for sound pharmaceutical decision making.

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Why Pharmacists Must Remain Data-Driven Decision Makers

On April 22, I walked with a group of students from our Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences campus to the New York State Capitol for the Albany March for Science. As we walked, I worried that there would be a poor turnout and that the students would be disappointed. My fears rapidly dissipated when we arrived on the West Capitol Lawn and were greeted by a large enthusiastic crowd, many waving signs and others staffing tables promoting science and other causes. It had a friendly, carnival-like atmosphere. 
That science is a public good and has contributed greatly to human progress is indisputable. Scientific inquiry stands as the basis of so many advances in our society that it seems inconceivable to question the return on investment in science. The various speakers at the Albany event forcefully drove home this point by highlighting the many products of science - medicines, high technology, economic stimulus, etc. But as a scientist myself, what struck me most was how few of the event speakers actually talked about the process of science.

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