Reunion Weekend

Thank you to all the alumni who returned to campus and made Reunion Weekend 2014 (June 7-8) such a great event!

From the 7th Annual Sorensen-Zeolla Memorial Golf Tournament to the "Chips and Sips" casino night to the Farewell Brunch, this year's event had something for everybody.

For those who attended Reunion 2014, we invite you to share your feedback so that we can make next year's event even better! Pictures from Reunion 2014 are now available!

If you have ideas for future Reunion Weekend activities or if you are interested in becoming a "Class Agent," please email or call (518) 694-7393.

Information about Reunion 2015 will be posted to this page as soon as it is announced. 

Reunion Weekend 2014 Attendee List

The following alumni registered for Reunion weekend:

Class of 1952
Walter Cherniak

Class of 1954
George Ehrmann
Norman Gallagher
Charles Owens

Class of 1955
June Cherniak
Bruce Stewart

Class of 1956
Leonard Sherwood

Class of 1957
J. Gordon Dailey
Robert McGaugh

Class of 1958
Ralp Comanzo
Selig Corman
Rocco Giruzzi
Donald Seifert
Frank Viviani

Class of 1959
Alan Blum
Jeannie Kramer
Ralph Mancini
Sally Olech
Katherine Petrone
Melvyn Shindler
Edward Trnka

Class of 1960
Mary Lou Mancini

Class of 1963
Lois Cogovan

Class of 1965
Robert Brakemeier

Class of 1969
Hugh Bryan
Philip Cornell
Lynne Cote
Russell Cranston
George Crittenden
David Flashover
David Knightes
Thomas Kollar
Rose Lang
James Larnard
John Longacker
Elizabeth Malatino
Barbara Olchek
Barry Paraizo
Kathryn Siciliano
Robert Single

Class of 1970
John Cote
Linda Paraizo

Class of 1971
William Furman
Vincent Matteo
Lawrence Mokhiber

Class of 1973
Kathleen Kollar

Class of 1974
Philip Crank, Jr.
Gregory D'Agostino
Kandyce Daley
Jeffrey Firlik
Keith Gallagher
Frank Grosso
Marylee Grosso
David Kile
Susan Kile
Henry Miller
David Murray
Ann Osborne
Michael Osborne
Nancy Phillips
Stephen St. Joseph
David Urban

Class of 1976
Frederick Feola

Class of 1979
Martin Kelly

Class of 1980
Frank Riley

Class of 1984
John Croce
Michael Kane
Teresa Kane
Suzanne Trombly

Class of 1988
Michael Farina

Class of 1989
Thomas Collins
Robert Crain
Paula Daily
Kellie Fisher
Linda Furnari
Lorie Giamartino
Dawn Hewitt
Denine Hill
Nancy Huntington
Mary Beth Juron
Kimberly Leonard
Gabriella Locicero
Judith McDonald
Mark Mercurio
Linda Nichols
Jacquelyn Peters Mitchell
Anthony Pelose
Scott Sherwood
Carol Sherwood
Diane Tucker
Robert Wahler
Kimberly Weinschreider
John Wind

Class of 1990
Wendy Munella

Class of 1991
James Hopsicker

Class of 1992
Thomas Mocerine
Paul Pagnotta

Class of 1994
Joseph Chiffy
McKenzie Dejoseph
Erin DiBrango
Theresa Faul
Amy Fluty
Derek Fluty
Samuel Maneen
Julieanne Marra
Anthony Merola
Lori Panasci
Tara Tifft

Class of 1995
Dana Canning 

Class of 1996
Lee Barcomb
John Faragon
Jeffrey Middendorf

Class of 1997
Jeannie Baratta
James Carbone
Megan Castro
Christine Daniel
Joseph Ferrara
Francesco Giuliano
Raymond Liuzzi
Heather Manley
Joseph Padalino, Jr.
Brian Possinger
Angela Renzi

Class of 1998
Mark English
Thomas French

Class of 1999
Jennifer Liuzzi
Jennifer Stone
Christine Zeolla

Class of 2004
Cynthia Thompson

Class of 2006
Kevin Mocerine

Class of 2010
Christopher Todd


Patty Tompkins

Bill Jabour