Reunion Weekend

Whether it's the 5th or 50th anniversary of your graduation, we hope you will make the trip back to Albany to reconnect, reminisce, and reunite with your fellow alumni and friends for Reunion Weekend, held each year during the first weekend in June.

Each Reunion Weekend features a variety of events and activities designed to introduce or reconnect generations of ACPHS alumni. These typically include:

  • Friends of Noah Sorensen ’97 and Mario Zeolla ’97 Memorial Golf Tournament
  • Special Anniversary Dinner (Friday night)
  • Campus Tours
  • Cocktails & Conversations with the President
  • Historic Tours of Albany
  • Pub Tours of Popular Albany Establishments
  • Reunion Weekend Celebration Dinner (Saturday night) 

For more information and if you are interested in helping the Office of Institutional Advancement with special events  planning for your class, please contact or 518.694.7393.

Reunion 2016 Attendee List

Below is a list of some of the people you missed at Reunion 2016:

Class of 1952
Walter Cherniak

Class of 1955
June F. Cherniak
Melvyn Masters

Class of 1956
Thomas Flynn
Joseph G. Guerra
William E. Kilburn III
Joseph W. MacFarland
William E. Nieffer
Andrew R. Perkins, Sr.
Stanley R. Rolen
Leonard G. Sherwood
James R. Spillan
Alvin E. Strack

Class of 1957
Nick G. Anagnost
J. Gordon Dailey
Robert McGaugh

Class of 1958
Ralph N. Comanzo
Selig D. Corman
Leonard Dwyer
Leo E. Maggy
Donald Seifert
Frank A. Viviani

Class of 1961
Edward J. Wortley

Class of 1963
Karen A. Wortley

Class of 1965
Robert H. Brakemeier
Richard T. Cornell
Albert L. DiDonna
Stephen T. Godlewski
Arthur Poremba

Class of 1966
James P. Byrnes
Mary L. Carney
James E. Chaffee
Thomas L. Clary
Gary R. Coloton
John N. Erb
George W. Heeran
John C. Henty
Jane Henty
James J. Kitts
Jacqueline P. Merrick
Robert A. O'Brien
Philip R. Palumbo
Kathleen M. Quackenbush
William T. Quackenbush
Joseph A. Rampe
Robert A. Sofia
Fred M. Thomas
Marie G. Windover

Class of 1967
Jack A. Pross, Sr.
Edgar V. Stevens

Class of 1969
Robert G. Single

Class of 1970
Norma Jean W. Coloton
John C. Huebeler

Class of 1978
Angela C. Dominelli

Class of 1980
Frank M. Riley

Class of 1981
Amy D. Blanchard
Debra B. Feinberg
Peter S. Gage
Leigh A. Hill
William C. Irwin
Daniel R. Sanders
Merritt S. Stanton
John F. Walker
Michele S. Walker

Class of 1984
Michael P. Kane

Class of 1985
Christopher J. Klein
Lisa A. Palmer
Michael P. Ryan

Class of 1986
Jennifer L. Battin
Susan Boucher
Gary Brady
Jennifer Caloia
Susan B. Gordon
Patricia A. McMahon
Christopher G. Palmer
Robert C. Petronio, Jr.
Becky B. Petronio

Class of 1987
Andrew G. Flynn
Craig Konzen
Louis A. Spiezio

Class of 1989
Julie-Ann Fortran

Class of 1991
Ellen L. Kennett
Joseph M. Waltz

Class of 1992
Thomas W. Mocerine
Paul B. Pagnotta

Class of 1993
Darren W. Grabe

Class of 1994
Joseph Chiffy
Vincent Chiffy
Matthew Scott

Class of 1995
Sanjay N. Gandhi

Class of 1996
Lee M. Barcomb
Christopher T. Horning
Jeffrey G. Middendorf
Matthew M. Piskun

Class of 1997
Jeannie K. Baratta
James V. Carbone
Megan Castro
Christine M. Daniel
Joseph M. Ferrara
Maryam Ferrara
Larry A. Frederick, Jr.
Raymond A. Liuzzi, Jr.
Heather A. Manley
Brendan P. O'Hara
Joseph P. Padalino, Jr.
Brian J. Possinger
Angela M. Renzi

Class of 1998
Stephen M. Baratta
Susan P. Bruce
Mark S. English
Thomas P. French
Daniel P. McNamara
Vincent D. Nagengast

Class of 1999
Christine M. Zeolla

Class of 2000
Joseph M. Barbuto
John C. Coultry
Steven M. Craig
Greg Edwards
Michelle M. Purdy

Class of 2001
Jeanna M. Marraffa
Shanna Skinner
Michael J. Zeolla

Class of 2006
Kevin M. Mocerine

Class of 2011
Elizabeth Lutz-Bordy
Daniela Tierson
Neil Tierson

Class of 2013
Jenna Benson


Patty Tompkins

Bill Jabour