All campus visitors must be pre-registered and complete a brief health assessment on the day of the visit. The ACPHS community member you are visiting will work with you to ensure you receive the health assessment and are cleared to come to campus.


Please remember some of our basic campus precautions:

  • You must wear a face covering at all times on campus. Please bring a face covering with you
  • Other than members of your own visit party, we ask that you remain 6 feet (socially distant) from others
  • Please stay with your ACPHS community member when on campus – this will help us keep in contact with you in case of an emergency

If you become ill (with COVID-19 or COVID-19 like symptoms) in the days after being on campus, please call 518-694-7326 so that we can alert anyone who connected with you while you were here.

Some portions of our campus may not be open for you to visit at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are doing all we can to reduce the risk to our campus community. Thank you for your cooperation.