Student Life


All students are required to complete COVID-19 training before returning to campus. Here is more information on the student training requirements.

Students returning to our Albany campus are required to be tested for COVID-19 before arrival and must submit their test results using this form.  Students returning to our Vermont campus are required to have an on-campus COVID-19 diagnostic test between August 28 and August 30. Students returning to either campus using public transportation (i.e., train, plane), from other countries, or from areas with quarantine restrictions, please see the testing and quarantine protocols on our Health & Safety page.

Here is a checklist of items students are encouraged to bring to campus.


We are encouraging our student organizations to host their meetings and events virtually. Some small gatherings of clubs and their members will be scheduled during the fall semester to augment the virtual events. Student Affairs will be involving Student Engagement and Leadership, Residential Life and Student Government to develop activities under these guidelines. Everyone attending co-curricular gatherings and student organization meetings must wear masks and maintain social distancing. Attendance at all Student Affairs events will be taken for potential contact tracing efforts. Events that cannot be done virtually or with masks and social distancing guidelines will be postponed to a time when guidance permits these types of events.


Fall semester athletics have been postponed to the spring semester with the following anticipated start dates:

  • January 4, 2021 - Basketball
  • February 1, 2021 – Soccer; Track and Field
  • Cross Country will be canceled because a spring schedule conflicts with Track and Field

The fitness center and locker rooms will remain closed for the fall semester.


We are in the process of repurposing these spaces to set up socially distant seating for our students, including commuters.

student health/safety agreement

Student Affairs will be updating our Code of Conduct to include this Student Health/Safety Agreement that students are required to sign before returning to campus attesting that they will follow all the new campus procedures including taking the COVID-19 training, getting tested for COVID-19, taking the daily health assessment, wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and only allowing other ACPHS students in the residence halls.

It is everyone's responsibility to not only abide by our ACPHS Reopening Plan, but to help enforce the protocols we have put in place. If you find that people are not following the precautions, please remind them to do so. If after being reminded a person continues not to follow the protocols, please use this form to report this. As stated in the Student Health/Safety Agreement, the College will make decisions about appropriate sanctions based on the specific circumstances, with the foremost goal of promoting the health and safety of the community. The full range of sanctions outlined in the Student Handbook will be considered when a student has been found responsible for violating this agreement. These sanctions include being suspended or expelled from campus.