Student Emergency Fund

Support ACPHS Students

When our students left for campus for spring break, they were comfortable in their world and what to expect from it. Then almost overnight, all of that changed thanks to the coronavirus. ACPHS leadership made the tough decision that our students would finish the year via remote instruction. Routines were upended, and our close-knit community was spread far and wide.

Then there were the practical issues. Students who were sharing textbooks with suitemates, in an attempt to save on costs, found themselves without the resources needed to continue instruction off campus. Students in rural areas lacked access to reliable internet. Travel plans changed and costs mounted. Shared computer labs were no longer an option. For the students who were already struggling financially before the pandemic, these unforeseen expenses could mean the end of their academic career at ACPHS.

We can’t let this crisis stop our students from following their dreams. It’s clear that health care professionals are needed now more than ever. ACPHS is a community. We must rise together to help those who need it. This time is no different. Every gift to the Student Emergency Fund will help us address our students’ greatest needs at this time.