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Shaker A. Mousa, PH.D., MBA, FACC, FACB

Pharmaceutical Research Institute (PRI) Executive Vice President and Chairman Shaker A. Mousa, Ph.D., MBA, FACC, FACB, has demonstrated throughout his distinguished career the ability to bring novel concepts from "the bench to the bedside." 

Dr. Mousa came to Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2002 following a career of more than 17 years as a principal research scientist at DuPont Pharmaceuticals Co. 

Dr. Mousa is also a visiting scholar at The Johns Hopkins University and holds academic appointments of adjunct professor in the Department of Medicine at Temple University's Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center, the Department of Medicine of the State University of New York at Buffalo, and the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Pennsylvania.

Among Dr. Mousa's professional accomplishments are his contributions to many patents – he holds more than 250 U.S. and international patents  – and to the discovery and development of novel anti-platelet, anti-thrombotic therapies, non-invasive myocardial perfusion and thrombus imaging agents. His work has been reported in hundreds of peer reviewed publications. Additionally, he contributed to the discovery and development of the following products and clinical candidates:

  • Cardiolite R (Tc99m sestamibi RP30, non-invasive myocardial perfusion imaging agent)
  • Marluma (Tc99m sestamibi RP30, for breast cancer detection)
  • DMP444 (Tc99m platelet GPIIb/IIIa antagonist for non-invasive thrombus imaging agent in venous and arterial thromboembolic disorders)
  • Roxifiban (DMP754, oral anti-platelet/anti-thrombotic agent for the prevention and treatment of coronary, carotid and peripheral artery thromboembolic disorders).

Dr. Mousa also was involved in the discovery of novel site-directed anti-alpha v beta 3 tumor radiotherapy and imaging, as well working on defining novel angiogenesis inhibitors. He also was involved in the discovery of novel pharmacological aspects of heparin and low-molecular-weight heparin, and contributed to the advancement of several key concepts, including the synergistic benefits of GPIIb/IIIa antagonists in combination with thrombolytics; the role of integrin alpha 5 beta 1 in angiogenesis and bacterial invasion of human host cells; and the role of fibrinolytic components such as kininogen in angiogenesis.

Dr. Mousa's current research interests include:

  • Adhesion molecules in health and diseases
  • Novel therapeutic and diagnostic targets
  • Treatment and prevention of ischemic and coronary artery diseases
  • Angiogenesis modulation, vascular and tissue remodeling, and novel anti-platelet, anti-thrombotic and anti-ischemic therapies

Dr. Mousa received a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from The Ohio State University, completed postdoctoral research in Cardiovascular Pharmacology at the University of Kentucky and earned his MBA from Widener University.

A native of Alexandria, Egypt, he received his B.Pharm. and M.Sc. degrees from Alexandria University. He was elected a fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) and a fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (FACB), and is a member of several national and international societies. He was recently awarded grants through the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Institute of Health.

Dr. Mousa serves on the editorial boards and as a reviewer for a number of scientific and medical journals, including Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience, Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, and PLoS Computational Biology.