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ACPHS is #1 in Wall Street Journal's Added-Value Rankings

Wall Street Journal
September 5, 2018

A new set of rankings released by The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education found ACPHS adds more value to its students' outcomes than any of the nearly 1,000 colleges and universities evaluated for the report.

Using an analysis by the Brookings Institution as a guide, ACPHS was ranked "at the very top" of the added-value list, the same ranking it received in a similar 2015 Brookings report. According to The Wall Street Journal, ten years after enrolling at the College, ACPHS graduates earn nearly $30,000 more than the predictive model would indicate - and "nearly $43,000 more than graduates from Yale."

ACPHS also ranked highly in WSJ/THE's Resources category which seeks to quantify if "a college has the capacity to effectively deliver teaching." ACPHS ranked 65th out of 968 schools in this category which places the College in the top 7% in the nation.
The full report may be found on the The Wall Street Journal website.