One Good Story

making a difference

Now is a time of great change in the American healthcare system. Access has become a national imperative, and new policies and practices are being developed to create a value-based system focused on patient outcomes. Traditional roles of point-of-care providers are also evolving, and there is increased dependence on interprofessional teams and information technology. Additionally, advances in life sciences are providing new and sophisticated therapies and diagnostics that enable the dream of personalized medicine.

In One Good Story, we highlight the exciting initiatives and industries ACPHS students and alumni are part of through their curriculum and careers.

We hope that you, as a next generation pharmacist and healthcare professional, not only enjoy these inspirational stories, but also are inspired to make a difference in people’s lives and in the healthcare system as a whole.

ACPHS Scholarships

Scholarships are very important at ACPHS. They not only help us recognize academic excellence, but also are a key component of our competitive financial aid packages. In this month’s One Good Story, hear from students as they talk about how scholarships generously funded by ACPHS alumni and friends help them achieve their professional dreams.

To learn more about scholarships, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (518) 694-7256 or If you’d like more information on endowing a scholarship, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at

CPESN of Upstate New York

John Croce ‘84, owner of Four Corners Pharmacy in Delmar, N.Y. and Zarina Jalal ’12, owner of Lincoln Pharmacy in Albany, N.Y., discuss their involvement in the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks (CPESN) of Upstate New York, a clinically integrated network of community pharmacies that coordinates patient care with broader care teams to provide medication optimization activities and enhanced services for high-risk patients.