Health & Safety



Latest Reporting Period (September 19-September 25):

  • Number of On-Campus Tests for ACPHS Students: 108
  • Number of Positives: 0
  • Positivity Rate: 0%

Total Since August 22 (first day of on-campus testing)

  • Number of On-Campus Tests for ACHPS Students: 285
  • Number of Positives: 1
  • Positivity Rate: 0.35%



Total Since August 28 (first day of on-campus testing)

  • Number of On-Campus Tests: 99
  • Number of Positives: 0
  • Positivity Rate: 0%

The COVID-19 infection rate is based on data received from our on-campus testing. With each positive case, the respective health department (Albany County or Vermont) is notified and conducts the contact tracing. All affected individuals are following the quarantine and isolation protocols. Confidentiality laws prohibit ACPHS from disclosing any identifying information about affected individuals.

Governor Cuomo recently issued guidance that states "if colleges have 100 cases or if the number of cases equal 5 percent of their population or more, they must go to remote learning for two weeks." However, even if a college is below these thresholds, the local health department or NYS Department of Health can order colleges to suspend on-campus activities upon a finding of the college's inability to control the outbreak. ACPHS is fully capable of avoiding these situations if everyone adheres to our reopening plan protocols.

COVID-19 Training

All employees are required to complete the online COVID-19 training. The COVID-19 training course provides employees with an overview of coronaviruses, the symptoms and risk factors associated with COVID‐19, how COVID‐19 is spread and prevention strategies. This training is administered through the CITI training program and generally takes about 2 hours. Information on accessing the COVID-19 training can be found in ADP in the Tools/References section (located under Resources).

COVID-19 Testing

Albany Campus: All faculty, staff and students returning to our Albany campus by personal vehicle from less than 300 miles from campus are required to have a COVID-19 diagnostic test between August 12 and August 26. We're requiring this testing be done no more than two weeks before students return to campus to ensure we're starting the semester with a "clean slate."  Everyone will be required to provide documentation of their test result using this form.

New York State residents are encouraged to get their free COVID-19 diagnostic testing done at one of the New York State testing centers. To get a testing appointment, you must complete this quick assessment. Residents will be called within 24-48 hours to set up an appointment, and test results are provided in 2-5 days. You may also contact your primary care provider to get tested, though insurance may not cover the cost of the test.

Students returning to campus using public transportation (i.e., train, plane), from other countries, or from states on New York's list of states with quarantine restrictions, including Puerto Rico, must be tested within 24 hours of arrival on campus, quarantine for 7 days, and get retested on day 7.

On our Albany campus, we will have free point of care testing for anyone who is symptomatic or considered at risk to exposure. The testing site will be in the O'Brien building carport. Test results will be available within 45 minutes. If someone tests positive, we will immediately follow an isolation protocol. There are quarantine and isolation rooms designated on campus.

Vermont Campus:  All faculty, staff and students returning to our Vermont campus are required to have an on-campus COVID-19 diagnostic test between August 28 and August 30. All faculty, staff and students will be tested on the Vermont campus and documentation will be collected through the on-campus testing process.

Students returning to the Vermont campus using public transportation (i.e., train, plane), from states on Vermont's list of states with quarantine restrictions, must follow all Vermont Department of Health quarantine guidelines.

Students from Canada will be required to quarantine for 2 weeks.  Upon arrival to Vermont the student must be tested for COVID-19 and will be allowed to come to campus after confirmation of a negative test result.

Daily Health Assessment

Everyone will be required to complete a brief daily health assessment before coming to campus. This survey will be sent via text message or if needed, via an automated call to a landline. If a student residing on campus indicates on the daily health assessment they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, we will test them on campus and get the results quickly. If an off-campus student, employee or invited guest indicates they are experiencing symptoms, or have been exposed to COVID-19, they need to have a COVID-19 diagnostic test completed. ACPHS community members can come to campus for the rapid test, go to another testing site, and/or contact their healthcare provider. Other than completing their COVID-19 test, ACPHS community members will not be allowed to return to campus until they can demonstrate a negative test result.

Social Distancing

We are requiring all students, faculty, staff and invited visitors to wear masks at all times in addition to maintaining a six-foot distance from others. Roommates will not be required to wear face coverings while inside their own residence hall room/suite or apartment. We have developed plans to maintain social distancing for learning and shared spaces, including the safest ways for our campus community to enter and exit classrooms, residence halls, bathrooms, dining hall and library.

Face coverings required

We are providing face coverings to all faculty and staff, at no cost to the employee. Students will need to have their own face coverings, but masks will be available for purchase at the campus bookstore.


To help us evaluate the HVAC systems in our diverse infrastructure, we have been working with two expert firms: EYP Architecture & Engineering and the Colden Corporation, our occupational health, safety, and environmental consultants. Over the past couple months, representatives from both firms have evaluated our campus spaces including classrooms, laboratories, offices, common areas, residence halls, recreational facilities, etc. on both campuses.

Fortunately, the majority of our buildings on both the Albany and Vermont campuses meet the recommended standards, following the COVID-19 outbreak, for air filtration, air flow and outside air quantity. There are a few academic spaces that will need modifications to meet the recommended standards, and these modifications will be complete before classes resume, or they have been taken off-line until further notice. Lastly, there are some office spaces with HVAC systems that cannot currently be modified to meet the recommended standards. The supervisors of individuals assigned to these offices have been notified and they will work with the employees and Human Resources to plan for alternative work locations.

Disinfection & CLEANING

We are increasing cleaning and disinfection of all of campus buildings to adhere to the hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Health (DOH). We will be maintaining logs that include the date, time, and scope of cleaning and disinfection.

Maximum occupancy

ACPHS has provided Maximum Occupancy limits on classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, conference rooms, etc.  These limits were defined by EYP Architecture & Engineering using room layouts and the ability to social distance (minimum of six feet of separation.) These limits are posted on the doors to the rooms.


We are limiting visitors to "invited guests" who will need student/institutional IDs or permission from an authorized member of the College to enter on-campus buildings. They will be required to abide by all campus protocols, including the health assessment survey. Only ACPHS students will be allowed in the residence halls and they will be required to fill out the guest registration form to support potential contact tracing efforts. See our Visitors page for more information.

everyone's responsibility to protect our community

It is everyone's responsibility to not only abide by our ACPHS Reopening Plan, but to help enforce the protocols we have put in place to help protect our community, including wearing masks, social distancing, completing the daily health screening, getting tested for COVID-19, and completing any required quarantine period.

If you find that people are not following the precautions, please remind them to do so. If after being reminded a person continues not to follow the protocols, please use this form to report this. Student Affairs will address the reports submitted regarding students and Human Resources will address reports regarding employees.