Africana Film Series - Week #1

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
7:00 pm

Gozzo Student Center, Room 201

Our 14th annual Africana Film Series kicks off at 7:00 pm with the movie "I Love Hip Hop in Morocco" followed by a presentation from Film Series host Kevin Hickey of his four-year bike trip through Africa.

Descriptions of each film are included below or view the Series' web page for additional information.

I Love Hip Hop in Morocco (2007) - Director Josh Asen uses the first hip hop music festival in Morocco as a vehicle to study Moroccan, Muslim, and Arabic identities with a focus on gender, youth, and family. A recurring word throughout this film is “peace,” a word that also recurs throughout the series' third film - Trances. I Love Hip Hop in Morocco is for anyone who wants a window into cultural changes in the “Muslim world,” and specifically North Africa and Morocco.

Four Years - Crossing Africa by Bike - At the conclusion of the evening's first film, Associate Professor and Film Series Host Kevin Hickey will show an image-film with soundtrack documenting his four-year bike trip through 24 countries of Africa. This travel film will be followed by a question-and-answer period about the experience.